Definition of Courage and Leadership Now: Get Obama Out of Office Before It’s Too Late

Any positive chance that the world will turn from war, and from the brink of thermonuclear war, to economic development and scientific progress, depends primarily on one thing: forcing President Barack Obama out of office, before it’s too late.

This is, again, the repeated warning from EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche, over a week in which warnings of the oncoming danger of thermonuclear World War III were coming from very experienced political and military leaders.

LaRouche is very clear in asking for this political action: Obama is the instrument of the thermonuclear war danger, as well as the author of multiplying, genocidal wars across the Mideast and North Africa since 2011. He and British Prime Minister David Cameron are culpable killers in the vast flood of refugees now fleeing those regions, many of them dying in the attempt.

The European nations cannot confront this grave crisis without going after its main author, Obama, and demanding he pay for it politically.

“How many people has Obama ordered killed?” LaRouche asked on Saturday morning. How many innocent deaths has he been directly responsible for? What has any national institution done about it? How does he remain President of the United States?”

And one immediate question: “What has Hillary Clinton done about it?” She simply has to act to tell the truth about Benghazi, and about the lie Obama ordered her to tell about that attack which killed four representatives of the United States. That would trigger the early end of Obama’s Presidency.

It would also end Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign; but that is already in deep trouble, self-inflicted and inflicted by Obama. Obviously the White House is leaking stories intended to magnify the Clinton “e-mails” scandal. Obviously the White House is pushing Joe Biden to run and trying to push Clinton fundraisers to switch to Biden. Obama is a killer in every way.

Hillary Clinton must open up on this. Her acquiescing in Obama’s blackmail could mean the end of the human race.

“I know this man; I’ve known what he is for a long time,” LaRouche said. Within months of Obama’s taking office, in April 2009, LaRouche stated publicly that Obama was a narcissist, “Nero-like” character and not fit to be President.

And there is the Wall Street element. Obama is Wall Street’s President, and Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt, bankrupt beyond recovery. This gives Wall Street and London the desire to use Obama for war, including nuclear confrontation with Russia and China, a war which threatens the end of civilization.

In the national call Sunday afternoon, Elliot Greenspan announced a Manhattan rally on VJ day, the day that marks the end of World War II in the Pacific, and the issuing of a new canon on the 25th Amendment, ending with “Obama is nuts, nuts, nuts.” Lyn encouraged such “hulla-bulla” to “stir people up,” but emphasized that it must not be left at that, that people need to be educated, to learn to think scientifically, that we must “go right to the gut of the people, to what makes their minds work,” if we are to succeed in the revolutionary change required in the days ahead.

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