Make Way for the ‘Peace Paradigm’: Get Rid of Obama

In Manhattan yesterday, LaRouchePAC activists were at the U.N. to organize for response to the reality of the danger of annihilation—by nuclear war and/or Green death. The document by Helga Zepp-LaRouche was circulated, “An Urgent Appeal for Action to the Heads of Government: The U.N. General Assembly Is the World’s Last Chance,” along with the requirement to mobilize for Obama to be put out of office. The Manhattan Project is the focus point of the mobilization, amidst a rapidly worsening situation of war danger and chaos.

In Europe this week, the NATO forward deployments continue, with the latest being the opening in Romania of the first of six regional NATO sub-headquarters. In Bucharest, the Southeast Multinational Division of NATO went into operation Aug. 31, as a command and control center. Shortly, subdivisions will open in Poland (for heavy equipment) and Latvia, with three more NATO centers scheduled to go live by year end. The war threat is live.

Lyndon LaRouche stated it, on the LarouchePAC TV Policy Committee broadcast Aug. 31:

“We have to realize, we are on the edge of a thermonuclear war, a thermonuclear attack. This is what we face. Obama is the instrument who, well, at least implicitly, defines the problem; and we’re on the edge of a thermonuclear war…”Go back to what happened with the Cuba missile crisis. Now, the Cuba crisis was actually really a real thermonuclear war. BUT! What happened, is the President, together with Russia, actually called it off.

“Now, what’s happened now, Obama has called it on. It’s active now. It’s a threat now to all mankind. It could be even the extermination of all mankind, because when you look at what the capabilities are, of the United States’ forces; and the European forces; and Russia; also China, which is not irrelevant, but it’s sort of skewed from this operation. So we’re on the very edge of a kind of warfare, which could occur any day or any week.”

Obama himself has been in Alaska for the last three days, to conduct a look-at-me campaign in the Arctic, for the U.S. and nations to comply with the royal Green decree for killer economic policies, in the name of preventing heat death of the Earth. This is part of the countdown to the COP21 meeting of nations in Paris in December.

“Impeach Obama!” broke the intended spell, on day-one of Obama’s Far North junket. A LaRouchePAC activist with a sound system, on a flatbed truck, circled through downtown Anchorage, distributing fliers and issuing a warning—audible for blocks—”Impeach Obama-before it’s too late!” Also, “He’s a Narcissist!” reported the Anchorage Dispatch News.

We would like you to join us in our fight to rid the world of the threat of war, and the evil of green fascism. Further material to aid this battle can be found in the new EIR Report, Global Warming Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science which is now available for digital purchase.

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