Syrian Foreign Ministry Attacks British ‘Colonialist’ Policy and ‘Providing Support to Terrorist Organizations’ in Syria

The Syrian Foreign Ministry of President Bashar Assad delivered two letters post haste Sept. 6 to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and to the Chairman of the UN Security Council Vitaly Churkin, that attack in withering terms, the mootings by British Prime Minister David Cameron and other members of his government over the past 72 hours, that Britain may engage in a bombing campaign on Syrian territory, purportedly against ISIS.

The letters, as paraphrased by the government’s Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), note that “The British government has no right to preach to others about democracy, human rights, and combating terrorism, when it itself has employed all its capabilities and brought into play its ‘colonialist experience’ in providing all forms of support, including financially, militarily, politically and media-wise, to the terrorist organizations in Syria.

“The fact that the British government has sent terrorists and extremists to Syria, such as its national ‘John, the ISIS Slaughterer,’ and harbored over tens of years others like Abu Qatada and Omar Abdel-Rahman, reveals Britain’s political hypocrisy and the falseness of its claims about promoting democracy, fighting terrorism and protecting human rights.”

The letters state that the activity by the British government, including its Foreign Office, with respect to Syria is that of “providing direct support to the terrorist organizations.” Britain “contradicts the countries’ duty of defending their territories and people under the UN Charter and in accordance with the international law and the Security Council resolutions.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry letters conclude that “Britain should rather preach to itself, especially because it is a permanent member state of the UN Security Council, before preaching to others, since many people, including of the region’s countries and those of Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, are up till now suffering from the colonialist policies of Britain and other colonialist states.”

The Syrians have put their finger on the colonial and war-provoking policy of Her Majesty’s government, which has orchestrated wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, as well as Ukraine, which could trigger a global war of nuclear annihilation.

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