Putin’s Syria Actions Can Sink Obama Now—Urgent Mobilization for Immediate Glass Steagall!


Russian President Putin’s flanking operations in Syria have not only already delivered a deadly blow to the jihadists of ISIS and Nusra.  They have demonstrated decisively that US President Obama is an ego-maniac incapable of strategic thinking or planning.

Obama’s insanity is one big contributing factor to the total disintegration of the US Government.  The new members of Congress, both in the House and Senate, are also mostly of such low quality that the management of the nation is in a state of disintegration.

The greatest immediate danger, as the result of this Washington disintegration, is that the hopelessly bankrupt Wall Street system will implode—before the proper measures are put in place, starting with the reinstating of Glass Steagall.  This is a profound danger.  Wall Street is already dead.  The crucial issue is that the American people must be mobilized to force through a radical change in policy before the system evaporates, leading to chaos, mass panic and a total disintegration of what is left of the United States economy.

That means now—not next week, not next month!  Now.

If you don’t reinstate Glass Steagall and get rid of Obama before the system blows, there will be total disaster.  That is the most immediate and most grave challenge facing us all.  Wall Street is dead as an institution and it must be shut down altogether.  It is super-bankrupt.  An FDR approach is what is immediately required.  It starts with restoring Glass Steagall, which will immediately put Wall Street out of its misery.  The American people have been collectively demoralized by the past 15 years of mis-leadership and the lack of any strategy for a genuine recovery.

The immediate danger is that the ordinary people of the United States are hanging on the very edge, and they can be broken.  Obama is responsible for this disaster.  The American people are in immediate jeopardy.  The entire US economy is in a state of advanced vulnerability.

Only a rapid mobilization, under a genuine plan for victory, can alter the situation.  Glass Steagall must be immediately reinstated.  A popular mobilization on behalf of the only available solutions, at this late moment, is the urgent priority. Build the courage of the American people by giving them an orientation for victory.  Waiting for the crisis to hit is a recipe for total death and destruction.

Look at what Putin did in his Syria deployment.  This has created the conditions for a dramatic shift in Europe, led by Germany, which can alter the global situation rapidly.

Obama is a product of his brutal Indonesian step-father, who was a real killer, and turned Obama into an ego-driven maniac killer.  Just look at Obama’s lying behavior, trying to deny that the US bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in northern Afghanistan, killing a dozen medical personnel.  The bombing continued for half an hour after frantic calls to US and NATO commanders to stop.  The hospital was turned into a rubble pile, and Obama just dodged responsibility “until the investigation into the incident is completed.”

Rub this latest atrocity in Obama’s face.  Bring him down now and move immediately into an FDR-modeled recovery.  There is no other option, if the American people are to be saved from doom.

Let’s go! I’m ready to help!


Support Grows for Russia’s Anti-ISIS Offensive in Syria: Day 5

International support for Russia’s effective anti-terrorist campaign is growing, with expressions of support now including Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev, and top officials of the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) fighters who have been the most effective fighters against ISIS.

“We will fight alongside whoever fights Daesh [isis],” said Salih Muslim, co-president of the Democratic Union Party, to Al Monitor. His party’s militia, the YPG, has coordinated its fight against ISIS with the U.S., but has also been attacked by Obama’s “ally” Turkey. “We want Russia to provide us air support as well as weapons in our fight,” YPG commander Sipan Hemo said, reported McClatchy News.

Panic and desertion have hit the ISIS ranks and 600 ISIS fighters fled the group’s headquarters in Raqqah, reported Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff, on Saturday. On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry emphasized that the bombing campaign will intensify after the successful destruction of ISIS positions.

Syrian Al Watan, a pro-government newspaper reported that Russian forces have run 60 sorties against 50 ISIS locations since Wednesday, and said that, “the Russian strikes have achieved what 3,000 U.S. strikes failed to achieve in Syria.”

Yesterday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced additional successful strikes. Statements from the Ministry emphasized the careful targeting the Russians are conducting before the strikes and the accuracy of the munitions. The guided air to surface bomb, the KAB-500, used against an ISIS air base near Maarat Al-Nuuman in Idlib, has a “possible circular deviation … that does not exceed 5 meters.” Aerospace Forces spokesman Igor Klimov described the Kh-29L air-to-surface missile being used in Syria that strikes targets with “a precision less than two meters,” approximately.

In Idlib province, Su-25 attackers hit the ISIS training camp there, also destroying a workshop for explosive belt production. Near the town of Jisr al-Shugur, they hit 8 ISIS facilities, including 4 command posts and ammunition and armament depots. The Defense Ministry updates about the targets—which have been provided daily since Friday—indicate they have precise intelligence about the locations and nature of ISIS facilities.

Plans for attacks on ISIS command posts will expand the areas covered, and the Defense Ministry tweeted, “Twenty-four hours a day UAV’s are monitoring the situation in the ISIS activity areas. All the detected targets are effectively engaged day and night in any weather conditions.”

The response of the jihadis is panic. They are again proving that there is no “moderate” opposition. Al Nusra announced the creation of a “joint military operations center” in the region around Talbiseh and “dozens” of Free Syrian Army officers signed a statement that they are joining this command “to confront the Russian and Iranian occupation.”

Europe’s Foreign Minister Supports Iranian and Russian Roles in Solving Syria Crisis

European Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini was interviewed by Lally Weymouth for Sunday’s Washington Post, while she was in New York City for the UN General Aseembly.  She called for an inclusive political solution to the Syria conflict, “a process where all Syrian parties, regime representatives and opposition, come together and elaborate a common transition plan for the country.  Obviously that excludes terrorist organizations like al-Nusra and ISIL.”

She included Iran in the process, noting that “Iran, for example, has a lot of influence on the regime. I think they understand that this is going to be their first test to see if they can play a constructive role after the deal.”

She defended Russian motives in Syria, telling Weymouth, “From what I understand, Russia’s main worry is that there could be a complete collapse of the state structure in Syria, something similar to what happened in Libya, and that would endanger even the idea of having a transition.  I think everybody realizes it would be impossible to have a future role for Assad in Syria. But a transition means you have the regime present at the table. Imagine what happens if Damascus falls, in terms of refugees…. Russia is taking its seat at the table and saying, `I am here and will be part of the process.’  There is a military component, but we Europeans are convinced that there is no purely military solution to the war.”

She also opposed a no-fly zone, arguing that Syrians will not trust a no-fly zone and will not return to the country until ISIS is defeated.  She also distinguished between Europe and the United States in the context of questions about the refugee crisis, noting that the U.S. is a melting pot and Europe is homogeneous, and must change and grow.

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  1. kloro2006 says:

    Larouche seems to think that Obama was worse than Bush. If this is true, why does he think it?

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