Calls for 25th Amendment to Remove Obama Hit the Press

“Has Barack Obama just lost his voice, or has he lost his mind?” is the headline of an article in by Mark Whittington from Houston. He is pointing to an article by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, a “disappointed liberal” who wrote a column in the Post Tuesday worrying that Obama has “lost his voice,” that “his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade,” and that “his problem is that he often has nothing to say.”

The Cohen article came a week after another top Obama supporter at the Post, Dana Milbank, on Nov. 24 described Obama as “President Oh-bummer.” When Obama and Hollande met after the Paris bombing, Milbank wrote, Hollande argued to crush ISIS, and to work with the Russians and the Sysrian government to do so, while Oh-bummer Obama was hemming and hawing about how beating ISIS would be long and hard, and that Assad had to go first.

Whittington’s article quoted from a similar piece in the Washington Times by Charles Hurt. Both pointed to Obama’s “halting and disconnected speech patterns during the Paris Climate Summit,” indicating he has lost not just his voice, but his mind.

Hurt’s article is titled: “Has the president lost his ability to discharge the powers and duties of office?” He notes that in Obama’s press conference in Paris, without the teleprompter, “it was impossible to count the number of times he seized up, able to deaden the silence with only a drawn out Uh-um-ahh,” calculating that it was more than 330 times.

Hurt concludes,

“Someone alert the Senate pro tempore. Somebody call the speaker of the House. And let’s all dust off the 25th Amendment….Failing impeachment, maybe Vice President Biden can convene the cabinet, invoke the 25th Amendment, and declare President Obama mentally incompetent to serve out the remainder of his term.”

Neither reporter references Obama rusing to push the button, but only his lies and incoherence. But Tulsi Gabbard’s hitting Obama’s Defense Secretary in Congressional hearings Tuesday on Obama’s rush to nuclear war was also published widely yesterday in the US press.

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