Obama Deploys for War, While the 25th Amendment Is Evoked as the Solution


Obama continues his mobilization for war with Russia. NATO is planning to send fighter planes and anti-aircraft missiles to Turkey — with Russia the only target for such offensive weapons — as US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Tuesday the deployment of 200 U.S. hunt-and-kill special forces to Iraq, to seek out and kill ISIS leaders in both Iraq and Syria. Not “advisors” and “trainers,” but assassination teams. Even Iraq reacted against the mad killer, as Prime Minister al-Abadi told the press that Iraq needed training, weapons, and advice from the international community, “not foreign ground combat forces fighting on Iraqi soil.” He added that such a deployment “can’t be done without [the government’s] approval, full coordination and with full respect to Iraqi sovereignty.”

Calls for the application of the 25th Amendment were published in several US press today, as the necessary means to remove Obama from office on the grounds that he is no longer mentally capable of performing his duties. Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly called for the application of this Amendment to be immediately applied before Obama succeeds in launching a war of human extinction.

Obama’s appearance at the Paris Climate Change conference was so incoherent that even one of his staunch supporters, Washington Post reporter Richard Cohen, published a column titled “Obama, a President who lost his voice,” saying that “his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade,” and that “his problem is that he often has nothing to say.”

However, jounalist Mark Whittington of examiner.com responded: “Has Barack Obama just lost his voice, or has he lost his mind?” He continued: “Failing impeachment, maybe Vice President Biden can convene the cabinet, invoke the 25th Amendment, and declare President Obama mentally incompetent to serve out the remainder of his term.”

LaRouche noted today that it was Vladimir Putin who set this process into motion, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in September, when he calmly but firmly laid out the criminal actions of the Obama Administration in ripping up the UN Charter, launching illegal wars, imposing regime change, and carrying out drone killings around the world. The international audience was repulsed by the truth of Obama’s actions, and Obama since then has brought it on himself.

The fear of Obama is the only thing holding back the American people, as well as leaders around the world, from telling the truth, and demanding that he be removed, that the US and Europe instead join with Russia, China, and the BRICS nations in building the world through the Global Silk Road process, as the only means of stopping the Bush-Obama perpetual warfare policy. As Franklin Roosevelt said in the face of fascism, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Click to access 20151203-obama-deploys-for-war.pdf

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