Obama’s Backing for ISIS Led to San Bernardino

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday berated President Barack Obama for his open support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and the more recent Islamic State.  Obama refused to keep his promise to the 9/11 families and release the 28 pages that would reveal the depth of the Saudi involvement in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.  As the result, Saudi Wahhabism, the “father” of the jihadist movement, has proliferated under this U.S. protective umbrella.

SEE “Declassify 28 Pages”

Obama issued secret executive orders promoting the Muslim Brotherhood as the “progressive Islamic” force in the Middle East/North Africa region.  He adopted Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan as his closest ally among all foreign leaders, and he most recently gave his blessing to Erdogan for the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 over the Turkish-Syrian border.

In all of these actions, President Obama has shown himself to be a tool of the British.  He is in the same camp as Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood regime in Turkey, and the Saudi Monarchy. This is the apparatus that has created, nurtured and protected ISIS and the earlier al-Qaeda.  This is precisely what Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency has been saying in public venues all over the world:  It was not an “oversight” that Obama’s actions fueled the rise of the Islamic State.  It was willful policy.  Now, with the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the reality of Obama’s perfidy should be clear to all sane Americans.

As Charles Hurt put it bluntly, on Dec. 1 in the Washington Times, it is now time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Obama from office post haste.  “Someone alert the Senate president pro tempore.  Somebody call the Speaker of the House. And let’s all dust off the 25th Amendment.”

On Sunday night, President Obama once again demonstrated his deteriorated mental state, by appearing on national television with nothing to say about the San Bernardino attack, other than that he refused to make the obvious admission:  That it was part of the new ISIS blind terror campaign, that began with the suicide bombings in Beirut, the bombing of the Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 over Sinai, and the Nov. 13 Paris massacres.

Obama is operating as a British agent, just like his Turkish ally Erdogan and the Saudi Royal Family.  The deployment of more American troops into Iraq, announced last week by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, is qualitatively different.  These are Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) hunter-killer teams that were deployed in Afghanistan and only fueled the expansion of terrorism.  200 JSOC killers will be deployed in Iraq, with no coordination with the Iraq Army or the government in Baghdad. There will be no intelligence sharing, and they will be simply running amok.  Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Abadi has already denounced the deployment as an invasion of Iraq’s sovereignty. And three days after the Carter announcement, a battalion of Turkish troops invaded the Mosul region in north Iraq, ostensibly as part of a rotation of Turkish trainers of the Kurds.  But a well-placed U.S. military source warned that the Turkish troops are a vanguard for a much larger planned force to be sent into Iraq, uninvited, to back up Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in an effort to retake Mosul. In effect, this will be tantamount to the breakup of Iraq, and it could be a lot worse.

In addition to the Iraq actions, the Syrian government charged on Monday, Dec. 7, that U.S. missiles had struck a Syrian Army base in the center of the country and that three soldiers were killed in the incident.

Every aspect of the U.S. and Turkish actions in Iraq and Syria are aimed, not against ally ISIS, but against Russia.  Paul Craig Roberts, in his latest column, noted that the U.S., the U.K., and other European nations deploying fighter planes into the Iraq-Syria theater are equipping them with air-to-air missiles that have no application to the Islamic State and other jihadists, which have no air force.  They are clearly aimed against Russia.

Ted Postol, the MIT scientist who formerly was an advisor the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, in a lengthy interview with RT, warned that U.S. actions under the Obama Administration have driven the world close to thermonuclear war. While he fudges on the issue of Obama’s willful role as a British agent in provoking such a war, he nevertheless makes clear that the U.S. and NATO have been the provocateurs, at every turn, since NATO expansion and the ABM deployment began, forcing Russia to respond from the standpoint that they are being targeted, and that some lunatics in the U.S. are once again promoting the idea that the West can fight and win a thermonuclear war with Russia.

This madness can be stopped by only one action, and that action is now being debated widely:  Invoke the 25th Amendment and get Obama out of office immediately.


More Debate in Germany on Saudi Terrorism Links

There are meanwhile, numerous articles and interviews in Germany on the Saudi role in Islamic terrorism, worth special mention are three statements from the Dec. 5-6: Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag that Saudi Arabia is “financing Wahhabite mosques everywhere in the world,” and that “many Islamic trouble-makers are coming from these communities in Germany.” To solve regional conflict in Middle East, Germany depends on Saudi cooperation, “but we must make clear to the Saudis at the same time, that the period of looking the other way is over…. We must use the same standards against the Salafists as against right-wing radical extremists,” Gabriel said.

Thomas Oppermann, chairman of the SPD Bundestag group, called for the Verfassungsschutz, which is responsible for Germany’s domestic security, to have tight supervision over mosque activities and their financing, saying that Wahhabism is also providing “the entire ideology for the IS terrorist group” in other countries. “We don’t need it and don’t want that in Germany.”

Islam expert Guido Steinberg of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, (the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP) in Berlin also charged, in a radio interview with Deutschlandfunk (DLF), that “one of the origins of IS’ strength is that Saudi Arabia has been propagating this interpretation of Islam in the Arabic world, in the Islamic world, since the 1960s.” The core of Wahhabism and the core of the IS ideology are identical, Steinberg said, adding that “the Saudis don’t like that to be talked about.” What IS does in the areas it has under its control, is a “logical consequence of what the Saudi Arabian Wahhabites have preached for the past two-and-a-half centuries,” Steinberg said. The problem can only be solved by a roll-back against the Saudi religious influence in the Arab world and in Europe “with very drastic measures…. We should rethink our relations to Saudi Arabia somewhat. Our image of it is, in my view, so positive that it no longer fits with reality.”

So far so good: Just add the issue of the classified 28-page chapter of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and the longtime history of Empire dealings with the Saudis, which so far none of the critics of Saudi Arabia has done, despite the fact that we have supplied most of them with ample information.  But it may be hoped that the notorious “wendehals” phenomenon will compel some people sooner or later to also begin to mention the 28 pages.

Is Turkish Invasion of Northern Iraq a Prelude to Bigger Action?

A senior U.S. military source warned Monday that the Turkish deployment of a battalion of troops into the Mosul area of north Iraq, which the Iraq government has denounced as an invasion, is likely a prelude to a much larger invasion.  The source suggested that the battalion is the vanguard of a major Turkish military move, to backup allied Kurdish Peshmerga units that are anxious to launch an assault to take back the key city of Mosul. The source indicated that he expected Turkish Air Force support for such a Peshmerga action, that could also involve larger Turkish ground combat deployments as well.

Were such an action to be taken, independent of the Iraqi Army and the central government in Baghdad, it would be a clear step in the direction of the breakup of Iraq, with the Kurdish region becoming an independent entity—under Turkish tutelage.

The Turkish move into northern Iraq came just days after U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced the deployment of several hundred more U.S. forces from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).  Washington sources confirm that the JSOC deployment is a major break from the Obama Administration’s earlier “train, equip, and advise” mission.  The JSOC teams will function as hunter-killer teams, targeting Islamic State leaders and infrastructure, and will operate autonomously, with no coordination or intelligence sharing with the Iraq Army or the government in Baghdad.  These JSOC killer squads were used by Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, and they have been widely accused of indiscriminate killings, human rights violations and other actions that have actually further fueled recruitment by jihadists.

The Carter announcement has already triggered a backlash in Baghdad, where Shi’a members of the Iraq parliament have denounced the deployments and threatened to bring down the Abadi government if the Prime Minister does not order the U.S. to abandon the planned “ground invasion.”  Under pressure from within his own Dawa Party, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did denounce the U.S. planned deployment late last week.  Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that he had briefed Abadi on the U.S. escalation plan, and that he was making statements aimed at satisfying domestic critics. Statements by Shi’a parliamentarians and militia spokesmen warned that the U.S. operations could trigger a civil war and would likely result in the fall of the Abadi government soon.

In short, the Turkish and American actions could blow up the entire Iraq situation, which conforms precisely to the British plan for permanent sectarian war throughout the Middle East region.

Click to access 20151208-obama-san-bernardino.pdf

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