NATO Has Moved to a War Footing Against Russia


After being caught totally flat-footed by Russian President Putin’s strategic flanking operation in Syria, announced on Sept. 30, the British Empire and President Obama have launched an ongoing string of direct military attacks and provocations against Russia which are escalating by the day. They have done this through wholly-owned subsidiaries such as ISIS (which looks more and more like a branch of London’s Dope, Inc.), the Turkish government, Saudi Arabia, etc. Consider a brief chronology:

* Oct. 31: Russia’s Metrojet was blown up over the Sinai by ISIS.

* Nov. 24: Turkey downed a Russian SU-24 inside Syria, with clear Obama approval and malice aforethought. President Putin Tuesday took receipt of the plane’s black box, which Russian and Syrian forces managed to recover, announcing that it would only be opened in the presence of international experts, and that it would show that the plane had been struck in Syrian air space.

* Dec. 1: U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the deployment of additional U.S. Special Forces in Iraq, over the vocal opposition of the Iraqi government.

* Dec. 3: Turkish troops invaded northern Iraq, over the strident protests of the Iraqi government, again with clear Obama backing. This escalated on Dec. 7 with reports of additional Turkish troops entering the area, now totaling 900 according to the governor of Nineveh province, Sputnik reported. Turkey has refused to withdraw their troops; their only “concession” has been to not yet send in an additional 350 troops that are poised at the border.

* Dec. 6: The U.S. bombed a Syrian army base in Syria, killing three soldiers; and a second U.S. bombing raid killed 32 civilians. The Defense Department has denied responsibility for the attack on the army base, countering that the Russians did it.

Finian Cunningham, the anti-British Irish analyst who is regularly published in the Russian media, summarized the situation in a Dec. 7 article in RT: “Despite the absurd denials, the grim conclusion is that NATO is at war in Syria… By extension, that means NATO has also moved to a war footing against Russia, as an ally of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.” Cunningham concluded: “It looks like Washington is prepared to start a world war.”
And the Russian military expert Vladimir Bogatyrev gave an interview to Radio Sputnik Dec. 7 in which said that the Turkish move into northern Iraq is a provocation coordinated with the US government. “We have entered an entirely new phase of the fight against Daesh [isis]… It is definitely a Turkish provocation. And, of course, it was coordinated with the United States.”
But all of these British/Obama provocations are running up against Putin’s steely resolve and his ongoing flanking of the provocations. Tuesday, Putin and his Defense Minister Shoigu announced that Russia had launched cruise missiles against ISIS from a Russian submarine in the Mediterranean. Putin added that the missiles can be armed with either a conventional or a nuclear warhead, but that he hoped that nuclear warheads “will never be needed.”

Click to access 20151208-nato-war-footing.pdf

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