Restore the Principle of Progress; Break with Obama, Ensure the New Year!

As the doomsday of Jan. 1 approaches, mankind is facing the possibility of human extinction, if not by nuclear war brought on by President Obama’s madness in threatening war on Russia and China, then by economic disintegration caused by the cowardice of the Congress in not shutting down Wall Street through FDR-modeled Glass-Steagall legislation.

The root of the problem, Lyndon LaRouche insisted in a discussion with his associates Dec. 28, lies in the fact that mankind has lost sight of natural law—in fact, the nations of the Trans-Atlantic are increasingly governed by Satanic law, which creates so-called legal justifications for mass murder, illegal wars, negative economic growth, and for stealing money, health care, and even food from the population, in order to sustain bankrupt New York and London banks.

LaRouche elaborated:

“There’s a higher question here, which I’ve raised occasionally, which is not raised usually…The problem is, that mankind cannot really make the law!  That is, mankind does not, by mankind’s own authority, as such, by terms of individual members of societies, does not really make the law. Because the law is the principle of the progress of the human species, and if the human species is not progressing in its development and its fruition, then the law has been violated! And that’s where the problem lies.”Look at the terrible things that have happened, under various Renaissances, [which have] been crushed; look at the mass murder of that. Now we’re talking in a mass murder problem, right now. What we’re talking about is the policy of the United States government right now, at least under the current President and the preceding President:  Mass murder!

“The point is that mankind has a higher law, because mankind is not an Earthling! Mankind is based on a principle, which is not that of Earthlings. It is the responsibility of mankind, to develop future populations, which are more fitting. The assumption is that every generation should be moving progressively, in terms of its natural law, and the natural law is the improvement, the self-improvement, of the human species. And only mankind, has the power to do that…. And that’s the law, that’s the real law.  The technical law, the book law, the strip law, that is not the law.  The law is that mankind must progress in its nature. You know, people die; all right, fine. What’s the law?  Well, did they get better people produced in their families?  Were their families able to be progressive, in going to a higher level of achievement for mankind?  Are we not responsible to take care of the Galaxy, for example?  We are responsible!”

As we face the greatest threat to civilization in modern history, our citizens and all citizens of the world, must hold themselves to this higher standard, not only for our own sake, but for the sake of the future existence of mankind. Those who follow the lesser law, the Satanic law, must be removed from positions of leadership immediately, beginning with President Obama.

Click to access 20151230-restore-progress.pdf

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