More On Russia’s New National Security Strategy: U.S. Opposition To Russia as a World Power, a Polycentric World and Ukraine

Sputnik, in a long report dated, January 2, provides more coverage of Russia’s new National Security Strategy, signed by President Vladimir Putin on New Year’s Eve. It covers much of what has been previously reported, but also stresses other points. “The Strategy is a key strategic planning document that establishes the national interests and strategic national priorities of the Russian Federation, and home and foreign policy goals, targets and measures directed at strengthening national security and ensuring the country’s stable long-term development,” the very first paragraph of the General Provisions states.

The document acknowledges that the strengthening of Russia, its independent foreign and internal policy prompts the U.S. and its allies to initiate counteraction, as they are striving to maintain their dominant position in the world. Thus they pursue a policy of constrain of Russia, which envisages exerting political, economic, military and information pressure, Sputnik reports. Therefore, Russia’s long-term national interests are: “consolidating the Russian Federation’s status as one of the leading world powers, whose actions are aimed at ensuring strategic stability and mutually beneficial partnerships in the context of a multi-polar world,” the document states.

The document also identifies an emerging polycentric world order. “The process of forming a new polycentric world order is accompanied by a rise in global and regional instability. Conflicts are escalating due to the uneven global development and the growing differences between various countries’ levels of well-being, the struggle over resources and market access, [and] control over trade routes,” the Strategy states. “Competition between states is being extended to values and societal development models, human, technological, and scientific potential.”

The document, in the context of the threat of color revolutions, particularly takes note of the U.S. backed overthrow of the elected government in Kiev, now, nearly two years ago. “U.S. and EU support for the anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine led to a deep schism in the Ukrainian society and an armed conflict,” it says. The document notes that the West’s effort to counter the integration processes and to create hot spots in the Eurasian region is having a negative influence on Russia’s pursuit of its national interests. “The consolidation of an extreme right nationalist ideology, the deliberate effort to create a public image of Russia as an enemy is turning Ukraine into a long-term source of European instability located right next to Russia’s borders,” the document emphasizes.

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