Former US Ambassador: Americans Are a Killer Nation

The reputation of America abroad is that of a killer nation and a danger to world society; it has practically no allies, and those countries who claim to be as such take the US side only in an attempt to exercise some sort of control over their homicidal tendencies, according to a former US ambassador to several African countries, Dan Simpson, who was also the Deputy Commandant of the Army War College.

Writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Dec. 29, Simpson says: “Other countries can only pray to their chosen god or gods that the United States does not decide to work its will on them, whether it be to impose a form of government we think they should adopt or to cite some supposed wrong they have committed as an excuse to pour bombs down upon them or send drones to kill their leaders.”

“Like it or not,” Simpson says, “that is our reputation. Most foreigners I meet think we are crazy. Virtually all think we are a danger to world society. Some of our so-called allies take our side in an attempt to exercise some sort of  control over our homicidal tendencies.”

He reviews the disastrous US military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, as well as our role in the Saudi destruction in Yemen, then adds: “I suppose Mr. Obama’s efforts to finish his term without seeing Afghanistan or Iraq collapse into total chaos can be put down to some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder or campaign loyalty to his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. It is long past time that we should have taken the position that we’d done all we could in Afghanistan and Iraq and brought our troops home.”

Simpson concludes: “We shoould bring our forces home. There will be no peace on Earth until we do. Let us not be killers.”

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