The World Is Descending into Hell—Only Defeating the British Empire Will Save It

The British surrender to General George Washington after the battle of Yorktown.


Lyndon LaRouche warned at the end of the year that the world would descend into Hell after the New Year, and that only the final defeat of the British Empire would save civilization. That descent into Hell is now proceeding as he warned, as the Western financial system is unraveling, as both the Middle East and Asia are being taken to the very brink of thermonuclear confrontation, and as the populations of the U.S. and Europe are being driven into a Dark Age of drugs, gang violence and a level of austerity which is already creating mass death.

The bail-in is now the law of the land both in Europe and the United States, permitting the outright theft of the savings of average citizens in order to save the bankrupt banking system for a few more minutes. It is the British system, top down, which is driving a global mass killing of the human population. The British Royal Family has stated openly that it is determined to reduce the human population to a small fragment of what it is today.

Asia is going in a different direction, especially China, based on large-scale investments in regional infrastructure and a “win-win” policy of cooperation for the common aims of mankind. Asia will not be destroyed by the impact of the economic collapse which is now striking the trans-Atlantic area—but precisely for that reason, the British Empire, through Obama, is determined to destroy Asia, and Russia, in war.

Destroying the British Empire requires the immediate removal of the Empire’s puppet Barack Obama from office, as the person who has his hand on the button for thermonuclear war, and who will defend Wall Street with the blood and bones of the human population—truly Satanic in that sense.

The problem is the fact that most people are stupid, out of fear—they don’t want to do something like that, complaining that it is not “practical.” And yet the only way we can save the population of the planet is to get rid of everything that is the British authority, the British Royal Family and its legacy, and especially its control over the United States in the person of President Obama. We must escalate the campaign for Glass-Steagall to close down Wall Street, and get the United States on board the New Silk Road, which means a Franklin Roosevelt reconstruction in the U.S. and the world.

Click to access 20160109-world-descending-into-hell.pdf

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