LaRouche: You Have To Sink the British Empire

The British Empire’s economic system is more than dead, and the only thing worth discussing is canceling it all, eliminating it totally, and creating new options, Lyndon LaRouche stated today.

There is no point in trying to quantify the corpse, or the amounts of speculative paper that are already going up in smoke. You cannot measure it, because it is already more than dead. Nobody knows—except that the collapse is on, that it is proceeding at an accelerating rate, and that there is no solution within the system. When you are on the verge of societal chaos and disintegration, the only thing worth considering are not the stupid, cheating, lying comments and actions coming from bankers and the Obama administration; all you need to know, LaRouche noted, is that you really don’t want to marry a corpse!

The trans-Atlantic system, is endlessly, hopelessly bankrupt, and the whole shebang simply has to be canceled immediately. The only question is, when will it be buried, and a new system created, just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did? We have to create sane options, by eliminating everything that Wall Street represents. There is no assurance of any true value in their entire system, so why try to measure it? We simply have to cancel it, and come back with a re-statement of a new system, as FDR did.

Our enemy, to be kept clearly in our sights, is the genocidal British Empire, which is guilty, among other crimes, of placing their tool Barack Obama in the Presidency of the United States. As LaRouche stated in discussions with associates yesterday:

“There’s one issue: the British Empire, period. That’s the only subject. What do we do about the British Empire?” Everything else is just talk and distraction, LaRouche said. The British Empire dominates the planet, including Wall Street, and including the fascist Green policy, which has now been taken up and promoted by Pope Francis. “What’s the Green policy? It is entirely the British System. It is nothing but the British System. So don’t go looking for explanations, per se. You have to sink the British Empire!”

As LaRouche stated in a discussion with associates today:

“The problem is, instead of trying to find a solution for a known question, you have to find what the known question must become. And that’s the difference. When people say they have found the answer to the question, and they assume that that is the solution, that is where the mistakes tend to occur. Because everything that really is significant comes as sort of a surprise. It is not found in the experience; it’s found in what is yet to become the experience.“Mankind creates ideas which only human beings can do. And the most important things that human beings can do, is to discover inside themselves a fact, or kind of fact, which they never understood themselves before. In other words, if you have not made a discovery of the nature of Mankind, by extension then you are not really human. Because the characteristic of Mankind is that Mankind is able to create knowledge of the future which Mankind has never known before. And if you don’t think that way, well you’re a little bit closer to the higher development of animal, than human being. And that’s the problem.

“People are not disposed to be of that character; but people are conditioned to assume that what can be known is only what they are able to deduce. And if they rely entirely on deduction, then it means they are not creative. And that’s what the problem is. Because the problem is a gem, the problem is something beautiful: the discovery of an actual future possibility.

“And Shakespeare tried to explain that people, so it’s not very original in that respect.

“Most practical people, I tend to be a little bit contemptuous of. Because if they already knew it, it’s not very useful information.”

Click to access 20160118-sink-british0-empire.pdf

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