Take Power Away from Obama Now — Stop the Killing

The United States and Europe are entering a financial collapse far worse than 2008 — but the depths to which Wall Street and London are sinking their populations, is much worse still.

We have reached the level where the only way that Wall Street institutions can make money, is by killing people. President Obama is their agent in this, who must lose his power now, if people are to survive.

Look at the rising death rates, since Bush and Obama have been in the White House, across the virtually the entire adult, white American population. Look at what Wall Street has done to Detroit, to Flint. Look at the toll of 15 years’ regime-change wars by these tyrants across the Mideast and Africa. Look at the flight of millions, terrorist barbarism, and deaths in Europe.

Look at those military leaders and Defence officials who have gotten booted out of their positions by Obama — all conspicuous for having opposed Obama’s regime-change wars, and opposing them still.

The working people of the United States are being shrunken unto death under Obama, killing themselves with drugs. Net growth in the economy is negative. The mystical “pools of income,” “floods of liquidity” no longer exist. The income of the American people — and those of most European countries — is negative; and any continued income of Wall Street and London banks now rests on killing people by stealing their income! We see now what “bank bail-ins” really are, in an accelerating collapse of the financial system.

Can we reverse this? We can. Russia, India, particularly China are essential to the solution, given their commitment to cooperation in new international development banks, and to the most important infrastructure and science projects on the planet.

This is a new paradigm, but also one from American history. The policies taken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt are available to us: Shutting down the Wall Street bankrupts, creating national credit lines for productive employment.

BUT those not willing to address THIS problem, to stop the Obama Administration and shut down Wall Street, become complicit in murder, including murder against the American people.

The only way to make profit in the physical economy again, the real productive economy, is to take power away from Obama and shut down Wall Street.

That revolution is what is necessary. That revolution against Wall Street and Obama is essential. Remove him from office. Shut Wall Street down. This is not for “after the election.” This must be done now.

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