Americans Face Destruction Unless Obama And His British Masters Are Brought Down Now

The New York Times on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, continued their running profile of the death and destruction of the American people, wrought by President Obama and his British Crown masters, with a lengthy map report of the county-by-county skyrocketing increase in heroin overdose deaths. Not a single county in the United States has been immune from the heroin epidemic, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compare to the original outbreak of HIV. In the past month, the Times has cataloged the increasing death rates among middle-aged and young adults, driven by wild increases in drug and alcohol abuse and the mounting pattern of suicides.

The boom in heroin addiction is directly attributable to Obama’s policies of drug legalization and the strict adherence to “too big to jail” treatment of the Wall Street banks. Under Obama, the Justice Department has given “deferred prosecution” slaps on the wrist to Citibank, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, and HSBC, which have all admitted to laundering billions of dollars in drug money through the US banking system. Not a single Wall Street executive has gone to jail, and none have even faced criminal indictment and prosecution. That translates, in part, to the jump in heroin deaths (47,000 in 2014, the last year for which records are available) since Obama came into office, and honored his pledge to dope legalizer and British tool George Soros to flood the United States with illicit drugs.

These latest horror stories make the point sharply: Just as Lyndon LaRouche has been warning, the entire 20th Century and the first decades of the 21st have been a period of thorough cultural and scientific degeneration, and the British are responsible. From the British-engineered two world wars of the 20th Century, through the Lord Bertrand Russell assault on science and basic education, through the British Fabian/Frankfurt School-orchestrated imposition of the culture of political correctness, which rejects outright any scientific principles of truth, the United States has been robbed of its historic soul.

On the rare occasions when genuine political leaders emerged, like Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and even Ronald Reagan, they were targeted for assassination—always by the British Crown and their Dope, Inc. and Murder, Inc. assets.

This is the real story of what has been done to the American people. Now, we are at the point where the entire global British System is set to blow out. It could happen any moment, any day. The situation is over-ripe.

There are genuine measures that could be easily taken to prevent the total disintegration. FDR’s First Hundred Days showed the way. But, as LaRouche warned on Wednesday in discussions with colleagues, this requires Presidential action—and British agent Obama will never take the actions required. This gets back to the fundamental point: Unless Obama is removed from office, and unless the power of the British Empire, including its Wall Street arm, is crushed, there is no prospect for the United States, as it was known, to survive.

That is the message that must be conveyed, because it is the essential truth of the present moment. Remove Obama by Constitutional means, wipe out London and Wall Street, starting with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, and the FDR-modeled measures can be started overnight. Succumb to the present cowardice, corruption and pragmatism that is rampant in Congress and in most other constituent institutions in the country, and the nation is doomed. The end could come through the imminent financial blowout, or it could come in the form of thermonuclear war, that would wipe out the overwhelming majority of humanity in the process.

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Drug Overdose Deaths Up in Nearly Every U.S. County

In its second major story in a week, on deaths from drug addiction in the U.S., New York Times writers Haeyoun Park and Matthew Bloch report that deaths from  drug overdoses have increased in nearly every county in the U.S. (The U.S. has 3,007 counties.) The tautological reason cited is growth in addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin. The true reason is the lack of a future for young and old, rich and poor, across America, as American statesman Lyndon LaRouche stated forcefully once again to a meeting of his associates on Jan. 19.

The reader of the New York Times article is compelled to think how needed FDR’s “alphabet” agencies to train and put the unemployed to work are today, rebuilding the U.S., the rest of the world, and exploring space — all of which human pursuits Obama hates, as shown by his campaign for drug legalization/ decriminalization. These Great Projects, and removing Obama, are the creative challenges which Lyndon LaRouche has called on the American people to raise themselves up to meet.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s newest county level statistics show the largest concentrations of overdose deaths from 2003-2014 were in Appalachia and the Southwest. The number of U.S. drug overdose deaths reached a new high in 2014: 47,055 people, or about 125 Americans daily. This death rate is similar to the HIV epidemic at its peak, Park and Bloch report. However, while Centers for Disease Control Chief of Mortality Statistics Robert Anderson characterized HIV as mainly an urban problem, drug overdoses cut across rural-urban lines; now, death rates from overdoses are growing faster in rural areas than the rates in large urban areas, which historically have had higher rates.

New Hampshire is a state where drug deaths from heroin have skyrocketed, and made it an issue in the Presidential campaign. Timothy Rourke, Chair of the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, says, “No group is immune to it — it is happening in our inner cities, rural and affluent communities,” the NYT quoted him; in 2014, he said, 326 people died from an overdose of an opioid, a class of drugs that includes heroin and fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times more powerful than morphine. Nationally, opioids were involved in more than 61 percent of deaths from overdoses in 2014; deaths from heroin overdoses have more than tripled since 2010, and are double the death rate from cocaine. Most of the deaths are related to a version of fentanyl, which dealers cut heroin with, and which is more deadly, Rourke says.

In Appalachia, the Times authors say workplace injuries may drive rising addiction, which is heavy in eastern West Virginia and Kentucky. When prescription painkillers’ abundance was cut back, addicts turned to heroin. West Virginia has the highest overdose rate in the nation; like New Hampshire, West Virginia has few treatment facilities.

In New Mexico, heroin addiction has been passed down generation to generation; the state has had high death rates from heroin overdoses since the early 1990s. Now addictions are shifting to young people from affluent communities. Sources: “Drug Poisoning Mortality: U.S. 2002-2014 Lauren Rossen, et al., National Center for Health Statistics, CDC.

Click to access 20160121-americans-face-destruction.pdf

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