With Colombia Deal, Obama Moves from Legalizing Pot to Legalizing Cocaine

Barack Obama yesterday gave his seal of approval, accompanied by promises of U.S. money and support, for a “peace plan” with the world’s largest cocaine cartel in Colombia, South America, which was cooked up by the British Empire as a giant step towards global legalization of every mind-destroying narcotic known and yet-to-be-concocted on the face of the earth.

The facts are these:

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos came to Washington, D.C., this week, to coordinate the final stage of his “peace” plan with the murderous FARC cartel, which he seeks to sign by March 23. In the White House reception which followed their Feb. 4 meeting, Santos thanked Obama for his “full and enthusiastic support” for the plan, reporting that Obama was one of the first persons to whom he had “confided” his intentions.

Santos had made public beforehand, in a Jan. 28 interview with Associated Press, that he was coming to ask the Obama administration to suspend U.S. drug warrants against the commanders of the FARC cartel. In other words, the FARC deal hangs on withdrawing the 2006 indictment by U.S. prosecutors of 50 FARC commanders for supplying half of the world’s cocaine!

There’s more. In 2014, the FARC leadership, which controls extensive marijuana, coca, and poppy plantations in the Colombian countryside, proposed at the negotiating table, that the government agree that the State identify possible industrial and artesanal uses of these narcotics, and then “regulate the production and market for coca leaf, poppy, and marijuana.”

Last December, Santos took the first steps towards that, signing a decree legalizing the cultivation, processing, R&D and export of “medical” marijuana. The plan is to turn marijuana exports into as big an “industry” as flowers or food, Colombia’s Health Minister told Bloomberg news in January. On Feb. 3, PharmaCielo — a Canadian company run by former executives of Britain’s notorious Philip Morris company and speculator James Rogers, co-founder of George Soros’s Quantum Fund — filed their application to start farming and producing marijuana in Colombia.

The operation, like Obama, who is the godfather of the whole deal, is 100% British. Santos is a protege of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, with whom Santos has consulted closely since he won the presidency in 2010. George Soros held a “very long meeting” with Santos in 2012 to coordinate the operation. The London School of Economics (LSE), Santos’s alma mater, is advising Santos on his “new” drug policies; on January 28, the heads of its “International Drug Policy Project” presented “a new international strategic framework for drug policies” at a major forum organized by Santos’s “Good Government Foundation.” The LSE authors say they intend to use their plan for “new models of legal regulation,” as being implemented now in Colombia, to shape the outcome of the U.N. General Assembly Special Session on Drugs in April 2016, which the British intend to have restore global free trade in the Empire’s mind-destroying narcotics.

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