Putin is on the High End of History

The annual Munich Security Conference ended Sunday with many speeches and press reports across the trans-Atlantic region projecting an invasion of Syria by Turkey and the Saudis, egged on by Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter, to stop the Russians and the reconstituted Syrian military forces from saving Syria from the fate of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lyndon LaRouche said today,

It’s a bluff. They can’t win, so they are bluffing. The Saudis are in jeopardy, broke. The Erdogan policy is a failure. There may be a breaking of the ranks within Turkey against Erdogan. Putin is in control of the front in Syria, and therefore controls the situation. He’s sitting there, continuing with his policy. The Syrian forces have been consolidated and will likely take Aleppo and perhaps Raqqa.

LaRouche added that “Putin is on the high end of history.”

Meanwhile, the entire western financial system is in a state of free fall. The utter bankruptcy of the system was addressed today by one of Germany’s “Wise Men” from the German Council of Economic Advisers, Prof. Peter Bofinger, who issued a strong dissent from the Council’s backing for the bail-in policy (backed by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble). The bail-in, he said will “ignite an unstoppable Euro bond crisis,” adding that the policy is “the easiest way to break up the Euro Zone.” Italy and Spain, he said, will not accept the bail-in theft of their citizens’ savings, but will be forced to return to their national currencies.

Obama is vulnerable. His “regime change” policy has run into the force of reason, lead by Putin and the Chinese Silk Road. His defense of Wall Street and rejection of Glass Steagall has now been exposed as the source of a speculative bubble far bigger than that which sparked the 2008 crisis. His mass killing, through drones, through perpetual war, through legalized drugs, and through deadly economic austerity, has caught up with him. The American population knows this, but is scared and cowardly, accepting the fraud of an election campaign which does not even acknowledge the clear danger, let alone offer any solutions.

The solution is known – but it must be implemented now, which requires the removal of Obama from office by constitutional means, in order to shut down Wall Street and stop the rush toward thermonuclear war. Inspiring the American population, and the world, by fighting for the restoration of America’s space program, in league with China and Russia, as a science driver for humanity, is the most urgent necessity.

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