Putin Drives Ahead With Syria Peace Initiative; Urgent to Cast Aside Obama, and the British

Russian President Vladimir Putin is driving ahead this week on the new Syria ceasefire initiative, in its full implications to back down the warmongers. Elements in this process, over the Feb. 22-23 period, are serving to tie down Obama, and his London controllers, with more and more constraints. The geopolitical crowd are finding it harder and harder to pull off their usual, old dirty tricks. This creates a renewed opportunity for us to act to set Obama aside, and truly make a break with the British imperial paradigm causing the devastation in the first place, in the Mideast-North Africa and in Europe. The current circumstances are the perfect conditions for sane forces throughout the United States–and worldwide–to step up and accomplish this.

“There is no option,” Lyndon LaRouche said today, emphasizing the urgency and necessity. “Unless something special is done to throw Obama out of office,” there is no chance for success. It is important, he said, to “break the British hold. that’s the only chance for humanity. Obama’s got to go one way or another. That’s the only way.”

On Feb. 22, the formal agreement for “Terms for a Cessation of Hostilities in Syria” was reached by the co-chairs of ISSG (International Syria Support Group)–Russia and the United States–after a phone call between Putin and Obama, done at the Kremlin’s request. Next, Putin issued a full and official “Special Address”, on the significance of the new agreement, which includes reiteration of principles, and very specific implementation. On the question of compliance, Putin’s address states: “To achieve this goal, we will establish a communication hotline and, if necessary, a working group to exchange relevant information…”

Putin further stressed that conditions must be created, “for launching a long-term political process through a broad inter-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, under the auspices of the UN.”

Then, within 24 hours, Moscow announced more implementation. Major Gen. Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Defense Ministry issued a statement today, saying that Russia has prepared the logistics for the hotline between the U.S. and Russia, and submitted them to the U.S. for activation. Secondly, Russia has established a “Coordination Centre for Reconciliation” of warring sides, at the Kheimin airbase, near Latakia, in western Syria. Its functions are to “render the maximum assistance” to everyone who applies for it. Hotlines will be manned, to monitor the truce. The center will assist in humanitarian relief efforts.

In contrast, Obama followed up the phone call and agreement with Putin, with no statement, and only a two paragraph ‘read-out’ posted on the White House news site. The first paragraph merely confirmed the call and agreement; while the second paragraph reported that Obama berated Putin for wrongdoing in Ukraine. British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond followed suit, by ranting that, the new agreement “will only succeed if there is a major change of behaviour by the Syrian regime and its backers. Russia, in particular must honour this agreement by ending its attacks on Syrian civilians….” and so on.

In reality, the Putin Syria peace initiatives constitute a framework for the Silk Road/Marshall Plan proposed by Helga Zepp LaRouche and the international Schiller Institute mobilization, and implied in President Xi’s recent visit to the region. This is the means to end the strife, and restore a future across the entire region.

What’s blocking this, is that Americans are still putting up with Obama in office, and the British imperial occupation. It’s past time to cast it off.



Russia, United States Upset British Gameboard; Reach Agreement for Syrian Ceasefire

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced in the evening of Feb. 22, that an agreement had been reached on conditions for a ceasefire in Syria between all but the jihadi terrorists. All parties involved in the conflict, outside those terrorists, have until Feb. 26 at noon, to indicate their willingness to participate, with the ceasefire then to go into operation the following day. Taskforces have been set up to work out details.

The address given by President Vladimir Putin to the Russian people on the agreement on Monday night, following a conversation with President Obama which he initiated, best summarizes the terms reached and commitments made. Putin made clear this was no “quick fix,” but rather grew out of much work, including making “use of the positive experience we accumulated over the course of cooperation in eliminating chemical weapons in Syria.”

Enforcement of the ceasefire between the groups who agree to participate is to proceed thusly: “Russian and American troops will jointly delineate the territories where these groups are active. No military action will be taken against them by the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, Russian Armed Forces and the US-led coalition. In turn, the opposition will cease all military action against the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic and other groups supporting them,” Putin stated.

Strikes against ISIS, Al-Nusra and other UNSC-designated terrorist groups will continue.

A communication hotline and, if necessary, a working group to exchange information, will be set up. “Russia will conduct the necessary work with Damascus and the legitimate Syrian leadership. We expect that the United States will do the same with regard to their allies and the groups they support,” said Putin. These actions “will be enough to radically reverse the crisis situation in Syria. We are finally seeing a real chance to bring an end to the long-standing bloodshed and violence.”

Most importantly: “Russian-American agreements on the cessation of hostilities in Syria, and their joint implementation in coordination with all nations participating in the International Syria Support Group, can become an example of responsible actions the global community takes against the threat of terrorism, which are based on international law and UN principles,” he concluded. A far cry from the disasters in Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen which resulted from “one-sided actions not sanctioned by the UN.”

Less than 24 hours later, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenko reported that Russia had provided the U.S. the contacts for the hotline, and had set up a “coordination center” at its airbase near Latakia, Syria, tasked to monitor compliance with the ceasefire, facilitate contacts between the Syrian government and opposition, and provide humanitarian aid.

Syrian President Bashir Assad announced that parliamentary elections will be held on April 13, and Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told Lebanese television channel Al Mayadeen that “Damascus has agreed to stop military operations” against all but the terrorists.

In a joint press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Tuesday afternoon, Secretary Kerry reported that he hoped to hear soon that the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC), then meeting, also accepted the ceasefire. All parties involved, Syrian government and opposition, and other countries, must make the commitment to implement the agreement, he said—singling out no party in particular (unlike the British).

Reflecting the global effects and efforts which went into this accord —which now must be made to stick over British imperial sabotage— Kerry cited the Chinese role in creating conditions for this ceasefire. Kerry pointed out that Foreign Minister Wang had flown the longest and the farthest of any Foreign Minister, to participate in the international discussions on an end to the Syrian conflict held in Munich.

Kerry, Wang Agree Diplomacy Must Shape U.S.-Chinese Relations

That there is a way out of geopolitics and permanent war, if the United States is freed from the grip of the British empire—that is, Obama is removed—was demonstrated also in the press conference held by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Secretary of State John Kerry, following their meetings in Washington Tuesday. The nuances of their nearly hour-long conference await the transcript and review, but the spirit is exemplified by the following.

The press conference was opened, 45 minutes later than scheduled, by a strong statement by Secretary Kerry that both nations understand that the U.S. and China share one of the most consequential relationships in the world, and that they must act accordingly. Both nations are deeply committed to dialogue, and recognize that their two powerful nations, with the two largest economies in the world, have the ability to make good things happen, despite clear differences in specific areas. Areas of cooperation on global affairs were identified, and only within that context were the contentious areas of North Korea and the South China Sea diplomatically elaborated.

Foreign Minister Wang agreed; we have more points of agreement than disagreement. As diplomats, our responsibility is to identify problems and resolve them; to clear the way ahead and remove obstacles.

Both emphasized the necessity of talks, and knowing each other’s thinking, if “misjudgements” which could become dangerous are to be avoided. Kerry specified military-to-military talks as crucial, and referenced the Cold War time, when the U.S. and Soviet Union had tens of thousands of nuclear warheads pointed at each other, until Reagan and Gorbachov decided at Rejkavik that this was “insane.” So, we must understand each other.

In his final answer, Wang said that Middle East peace, African development, fighting diseases, non-proliferation, all require U.S.-China cooperation. Our two countries should make “the pie of our common interests” bigger, he suggested. We should look through a telescope to visualize the future, rather than a microscope to magnify our differences!

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