Ex Oriente Lux

Americans are suddenly showing a new susceptibility to becoming inspired by truly worthwhile things, like China’s space program, like true Classical music, and the prospects unexpectedly created by the sudden vision of Middle East peace just opened up by Russia’s initiative with John Kerry, dumping Obama’s demonization of Russia in favor of military collaboration to crush ISIS. Like China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy as the basis for the development needed to truly establish the peace. Overall, to becoming inspired by their actual mission as human beings.

The general problem that has to be addressed as such, is the fact that the United States and the Americas in general, for the greater part, have collapsed. They no longer have credibility. The British have lost it; the leading European nations, most of them, have failed. South America is failing. There is a general change in the planetary system. You do not get success by knocking on a tombstone, Lyndon LaRouche noted today — you have to find a living organism which will be responsive. And the trans-Atlantic banking system is dead. The EU has been a catastrophic failure.

On the other side, the new and undeniable reality is the prospect for great new human advances, and for solutions of festering problems long thought incurable,— by the actions of Russia, China, and the BRICS nations in their ever-deepening collaboration.

Russia’s tireless and well-coordinated activities to implement the agreed-on Syria ceasefire, and the peace negotiations which are planned to follow seamlessly out of the ceasefire itself, continued in a two-day conference, Feb. 25-26, in Sochi, Russia, by the Valdai Discussion Club associated with Vladimir Putin,— although Putin has not been present at the sessions thus far. This is not a government conference, but a non-governmental parallel effort: what is sometimes called “Track Two.” Russia’s leading academic Mideast expert, Vitaly Naumkin of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has organized over 100 participants, primarily from the Mideast, but also including Americans, Russians, and others, under the title, “The Middle East: From Conflicts to Stability.”

Dr. Naumkin wrote a column on the conference entitled, “Where will the Middle East Go?” It began, “Success or failure of the Syria settlement will to a large extent determine the fate of the entire region, because long ago the internal Syrian conflict acquired regional and global status.”

A discussion paper for the conference whose writing Naumkin supervised, said that

“elaboration of a roadmap for the economic recovery of the Middle Eastern states and measures for ensuring the region’s economic security are becoming yet another urgent task for the international community. China and other BRICS countries’ involvement in the economic recovery of severely weakened Mideastern states, and the subsequent development of new production facilities that will employ younger generations may create new opportunities.”

It is mankind’s moral duty to provide the economic underpinning, via the extension of the New Silk Road into the Middle East, to assure the success of the Syria ceasefire and subsequent peace. EIR of Nov. 19, 1993, after the signing of the Oslo agreements on Sept. 13, quoted Lyndon LaRouche to say,

“The reality is, that it is impossible to get an Israeli-Arab peace without first, first, first having an agreement on an economic development of the science-driver, infrastructure development-based approach on which I’ve insisted over years. Without first introducing that program by whatever means, you will never get the conditions for peace. Because you must first transform the populations on both sides of the equation. You must transform the Israelis morally; you must uplift them morally in the way that only a science-driver infrastructure-based program will do, a dirigist program. And similarly on the Arab side, particularly since the crushing of Iraq, which was the only… approximately science-driver infrastructure-based economy in the region.”

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