Our Mission: “Devotion to Creative Discovery”

Every part of the planet is now facing the choice offered by two competing voices. “The question is the crisis,” Lyndon LaRouche stated starkly in his Feb. 27 dialogue with the Manhattan Project. “Are you going to die? Are you going to live? And that’s it, two voices.”

Half of humanity—the BRICS and allies, led by Russia and China—has already chosen to live, and is offering to help save the rest of the planet. The trans-Atlantic sector has, so far, chosen to die. What else does it mean to continue tolerating Wall Street, and leaving the evil killer Obama in the White House? What else does it mean when we countenance the current Presidential election charade, and when we allow formerly productive workers to kill themselves in record numbers, with drugs, alcohol, and outright suicide? What of the destruction of NASA, and the creative, mission-oriented outlook it represented?

However, Russian President Putin’s flanking intervention into the Syrian, and broader regional situation, beginning in September 2015, has dramatically reshaped the entire geometry of global affairs. Obama, despite himself, has been boxed into cooperating with Russia in the current Syria ceasefire, which continues to hold as the American and Russian militaries increasingly coordinate. Dramatic, positive changes are unfolding in Iran, Egypt, and other nations that have chosen to ally with the BRICS process. And the population inside the United States— despite decades of being dumbed down into pragmatism by the British, and now being suffocated by an electoral Roman Circus—are responding with unfamiliar optimism to LaRouche movement organizing, which is uniquely resonant with the current policy thrust of both Putin and the Chinese government of Xi Jinping. After all, many of their policies, most emphatically the New Silk Road, were initially designed and promoted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

Exemplary of this incipient Renaissance is the highly successful Schiller Institute conference held Feb. 27 “in the shadow of the Johnson Space Center” in Texas, featuring LPAC Policy Committee member and former Democratic Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers, which reactivated and reinvigorated NASA veterans and others around our required mission: that Man is ultimately a space-based species of Reason, as Rogers emphasized. Similar, changed receptiveness was evident in the recent Seattle conference addressed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the Georgetown University event keynoted by Matthew Ogden, in LaRouche movement World Land-Bridge conferences in Hermosillo (Mexico) and Lima (Peru), and elsewhere.

It is the LaRouche organization’s unique “devotion to creative discovery,” as LaRouche described it in his Manhattan Project discussion, and only that, which puts us in a position to shape global developments for the Good. But it also imposes on us rigorous internal conditions, which require us to clarify when organizations are not part of that commitment, and thereby become barriers to the success of our endeavors.

“The whole purpose of mankind is the ability of mankind, to make discoveries, which the discoverer will never fully harvest,” LaRouche stated to the Manhattan Project gathering. “But only the persons who are of that spirit of behavior will be able to deliver an example of what is necessary, for the future of mankind.”


Syria Ceasefire Holds, as Putin Policy Boxes Obama Into Cooperation

“The first day of cessation of hostilities has ended without any major incidents,” Alexey Borodavkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN in Geneva, stated on Saturday, Feb. 27, after a meeting of the ceasefire working group. “We can be satisfied that fruitful and effective cooperation has been established between Russian and American military who are tracking the situation on the ground, and are taking necessary measures to support the cessation of hostilities.” Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also spoke by phone Saturday, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry report, to discuss “details regarding the full implementation of the cessation of combat activity in Syria, including military coordination between Russia and the U.S. in this regard,” according to Syrian Radio Online.

Reuters news service commented that “Russia’s intervention has opened a path for multilateral diplomacy” regarding Syria, and even the London-based run Syrian Observatory had to admit that “in Damascus and the countryside … for the first time in years, calm prevails,” and that there was no plane activity from Russia’s two air bases in Syria. There were a handful of reported air strikes, they noted, but “we do not know which planes carried out the strikes and also we are not sure if this is considered a breach to the truce, because it is not clear if these towns are included in the truce.” Both American and Russian airstrikes against ISIS and Al-Nusra are continuing, as part of the agreement.

Turkey, under the blustering leadership of Obama-buddy Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reportedly resumed shelling across the border into Syria around the town of Tel Abyad, where the Kurdish- and Arab-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is battling against ISIS. Lt. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko, the head of the Russian coordination center in Latakia, told reporters Sunday that “the Russian center appealed to the U.S. reconciliation center in Amman for explanations about the shelling of Syrian territory from the Turkish side, a member of the U.S.-led anti-Islamic State coalition.” According to U.S. Centcom, the U.S. backed up the SDF with ten air strikes in Tel Abyad since Saturday.

Iran Elections Shaping Up as a Major Victory for the Moderates and Reformists

With about two-thirds of the votes now counted, the Iran elections are shaping up as a significant victory for the moderates and reformists, such as current President Rouhani and former President Rafsanjani. Although final results won’t be in until Tuesday, Feb. 29, the results so far of the parliamentary elections show the moderates getting 30 of the 30 seats in Tehran, while the conservative leader Haddad-Adel seems to have lost his seat altogether. The conservatives currently control some 65% of the 290 seats in the parliament.

The simultaneous vote for the Assembly of Experts, which will choose the next Supreme Leader, is also going for the moderates/reformists, with Rafsanjani and Rouhani currently in first and second place for that body.

Rafsanjani said:

“The competition is over and the era of unity and cooperation has arrived,” but he warned: “No one is able to resist against the will of the majority of the people, and whoever the people don’t want has to step aside.” Rouhani said “the people showed their power once again and gave more credibility and strength to their elected government.” Reuters said he added that he would “work with anyone who won election to build a future for the industrialized, oil-exporting country.”

Egypt’s President Organizes Egyptian Youth behind Long-term Development Plan

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi went before a youth conference this past week, to mobilize that key sector around the principles which informed Egypt’s just-released, long-term integrated development plan, “Egypt Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.” The plan situates the nation’s development over the next 15 years in the New World Economic Order emerging around the Asian nations, while el-Sisi, in his address to the youth, makes an unmistakeable reference to Franklin Roosevelt’s reconstruction success, without naming him.

“Let everyone hear it: Our strategy is: 1. Preserve the state. 2. Build the state. The most important factor is infrastructure. The Americans did this after the 1920s crisis. But they had a state which was still standing on firm feet. They did not have economic or lack of infrastructure as we do. We have a lack of 70,000 km in roads…. This is not an appropriate infrastructure of a state. We built 5,000 km in one year. We have to build the rest in 10 years. This is not only to employ people, but to provide for economic activity and increase of productivity [and] to save time and energy for the service of society. We can reduce transport in some cases from 60 minutes to 10 minutes. This is a great benefit,” the President told the youth.

On energy: “We solved the energy crisis in one year,” he said. “We will increase electricity by more that 50% until the end of 2017. More than what Egypt produced in its entire history. This is not only for urban consumption. The new electricity will be for new industrial investments too.”

On Egypt’s support for Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile: “Let’s talk about water and national security. There is a dam being built, as you know…. There will be about 10 billion cubic meter annually less water in the Nile. How do we compensate for that. Shall we leave the farmers without water? No, we will save 10 billion cubic meter annually by building water management systems in Egypt. Please, any of you who want to talk about this subject, should first study it. Do your homework before you talk about this issue with other people.”

“Other people mock us because of our poverty. But I will not be silent,” he said. “But don’t respond to those who harm you. Instead, work, build and reconstruct your country. This is the response. We have 35,000 villages that are built randomly on agricultural lands. We will stop the destruction of the agricultural land by building new, modern villages in the Western Desert. We will provide people with housing that is worthy of human beings. We will build schools, health care center and roads for them. We will build 160,000 housing units every year.”

El-Sisi called on the youth to join him in taking care of Egypt’s people. “Listen to me,” he said. “I don’t play around. I have no interest but the interest of Egypt. My country and nothing more. And I know what I am talking about. Anybody who touches Egypt, I will supplant him from the face of Earth. There are 90 million Egyptians. When I meet God, I will tell Him, ‘I took care of them.’ Do you want to take care of them? Join me! If you don’t want to, just shut up! Go and take a look at what we are building!”


Click to access 20160229-our-mission.pdf

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