“Don’t be a chump for Trump!”


A musical offering (& warning) to our fellow Americans: don’t be a chump for Trump!

If you’re voting for Trump, you’re a chump, chump, chump!
Because Wall Street’s behind is Donald Trump,
They are crashing the country into a dump,
Don’t you BE another Chump for Trump!

Bankers created Hitler and they made Trump,
Look at dope-pusher Soros at the pump,
Lending hundreds of millions unto that lump,
Don’t you BE, another Chump for Trump!

Donald’s dad and attorneys are mob-connected,
Trump’s no intellectual;
And his mentor Roy Cohn worked with F.B.I.
To blackmail homosexuals.
When a Nazi accomplice like Soros and the
Mafia can all agree,
Then supporting the Donald is proof you are
A fool who needs psychiatry!

If you want legal heroin, vote for Trump,
‘Cause when Soros gives orders, Trump will jump.
He’s a festering pustule on Satan’s rump,
Don’t you BE another Chump for Trump!

Mrs. Clinton sold out, she’s a Soros frump,
Prostitutes for Obama on the stump,
Sucking dollars from Wall Street just like a strump,
Bu-ut NO! Don’t be a Chump for Trump!

Bernie Sanders is Obama’s greenie grump,
Stroking students and lefties on the stump,
Ben and Jerry’s and Wall Street’s organic schlump,
Bu-ut NO! Don’t be a Chump for Trump!

If you push for Jeb Bush, you’ll get smooshed,
And fascist Christie is a humpback fail,
If you choose for Ted Cruz, you will lose,
Wall Street buys its Republicans wholesale!

But the financial crash is on now,
We must shut down Wall Street immediately,
If you don’t get Obama out now,
Then he will get us into World War Three!

You must impeach Obama and shut up Trump,
Congress needs to send Wall Street to the dump,
Passing Glass-Steagall now just might save your rump,
But you MUST refuse to be a Chump!

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