NY Times Blows the Whistle on Killer Hillary Clinton

The New York Times has published a devastating documentary account of the pivotal role played by Hillary Clinton in the regime change and assassination program, carried out in 2011 against Libyan head of state Qadaffi. The detailed expose, based on interviews with more than 50 current and former Obama Administration officials and others, makes it clear that it was Hillary Clinton, above all others, who drove the Libya overthrow, and who is more responsible than anyone else for the destruction that has followed.

If Libya has emerged as the latest beachhead for the Islamic State terrorists, blame Hillary Clinton. If Africa has become a bloody battle ground, with massive weapons spreading out from Libya all across the continent and into Syria and Iraq as well, blame Hillary Clinton. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates quit the Obama Administration over Hillary Clinton’s Libya war, and he told the New York Times that it was Clinton who pushed through the decision to bomb Libya, under the fraud that it was a “humanitarian” intervention, rather than the regime change that was intended all along.

Lyndon LaRouche told colleagues during the weekly LPAC Policy Committee dialogue on Monday afternoon that the New York Times account presented the real picture of Hillary’s role in the Libya disaster, and that role was “most ugly, evil and astonishing.” It raises some obvious questions: Who is the real Hillary Clinton? This, LaRouche warned, goes to the essence of the matter: “What are we being sold?” The New York Times, LaRouche concluded, “has presented Hillary Clinton as a sold-out person. It is clear today that she was the author of the Obama killer policies.” Hillary Clinton went right from being the presidential candidate running against Barack Obama in 2009 to being the one “who did all the dirty work for Obama.”

Regardless of what the New York Times intended, in publishing the exhaustive account of Hillary Clinton’s central role in the Libya program, it has shed some critical light on what kind of disasters the world would face under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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Click to access 20160229-ny-times-blows-whistle.pdf

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