Asia Plans Global Development; NATO Plans World Destruction

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today addressed a conference in New Delhi, calling on India, China and Russia to join forces, hopefully with others, to immediately extend the Silk Road process into Southwest Asia and North Africa, as the only means of saving the world from the looming threat of thermonuclear war.

“The new agreement between Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov,” Mrs. LaRouche said, “covering a cease fire for Syria, is potentially a game changer for the entire strategic situation, provided that especially China, Russia and India immediately work with the countries of Southwest Asia to implement a comprehensive build-up program, not only for the war-torn countries of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but for the entire region, from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, from the Caucuses to the Persian Gulf. With the trip of President Xi Jinping to the region — to Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia — the extension of the Silk Road in now on the table.”

Yet the threat of global war is escalating rapidly. This could not have been more clearly stated than in the deranged testimony of Gen. Philip Breedlove, Commander of NATO and of the US European Command, before the US Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. Breedlove said that the US military in Europe needs to be prepared to “puncture” Russia’s regional defenses and “rapidly reinforce” troops moving eastward in the event of a conflict. “Russia has created a very dense pattern of ‘A2-AD,’ or Anti-Access and Area Denial…. We need to be investing in those capabilities and capacities that allow us to enter into an A2-AD environment.”

Note that this supposedly threatening defense capacity of the Russians which Breedlove wants to “puncture” is within Russia’s own borders — i.e., Breedlove is speaking openly about an invasion of Russia. Lyndon LaRouche reponded that something serious is afoot, that they are trying to provoke a war, “but they may not get what they expect.”

This open threat of global war is in total contrast to the cease fire deal in Syria, which is holding for the fifth day — precisely because of direct collaboration between the US and the Russian military! And, US astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth today after 340 days in space, as one of the few remaining heroes of the remnants of the American manned space program — in a Russian space craft!

The fact is that the British are desperate. The entire trans-Atlantic financial structure is ready to go — it cannot survive the collapse of the speculative bubble now spreading across Europe and heading for Wall Street. And, LaRouche noted, the British know that if Putin continues as he is today, that the British Empire is gone.

This is situation in which we must bring America back to sanity, based on the principles Mrs. LaRouche laid out today in New Delhi.

Click to access 20160302-asia-plans-global-development_0.pdf

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