Go to Deep Space with China, Not to Hell with Obama

When Barack Obama canceled all the United States’ deep space exploration plans, he committed what is the greatest crime, even of a “Nobel Peace Prize winner” turned war president and mass killer. The space program was America’s culture, its mission and future, and Obama’s actions actually reversed the course of history and drove the United States backwards.

The economy of the United States now — not to speak of Europe — is in a hopeless downward spiral, killing millions through hopelessness, drug addiction and war and threatening the whole American population.

Reviving, in full, the challenge of exploring space, can change everything. NASA’s space programs, now cut down and suspended, offer America’s only potential center of economic hope.

To reverse the degeneration of the United States and its people, the full revival of the space program, on a higher level, is the only road to travel.

LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers of Texas is leading on that road, with the mobilization she has re-launched with NASA veterans to bring the space program back. EIR’s Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche calls this the highest-ranking scientific work; the only scientific activity in the United States with true significance for mankind’s future.

And America faces a social collapse if we do not do this very soon.

The examples, with whom the United States must collaborate in every possible space science endeavor, are China and Russia.

Where the American “progress” culture once thrived — in the exploration of space — China is now the driving force. China’s plan for the next five years is centered on space science. Aiming to study the galaxy from the Moon’s far side within two years, its new economic and social development plan includes “understanding the origins of the universe.”

Discussing the economic program March 5, the head of China’s main space science laboratory said, “Space science is inseparable from China’s innovation-driven development. If China wants to be a strong global nation, it should not only care about immediate interests, but also contribute to mankind. Only that can win China the respect of the world.”

The United States has lost the respect of the world under Bush and especially Barack Obama. Obama must be removed from office, even now, and his evil “work” undone. More urgently than any, his murder of American’s space exploration program must be reversed in an all-out revival of space science — “to understand the origins of the universe.”


`The Sky Is the Limit for China’s National Strategy’ in Five-Year Plan

That is the way Xinhua characterizes the draft of the 13th Five Year Plan which has been presented for review to the National People’s Congress. For the first time, scientists note, the plan for China’s economic growth recognizes the scientific foundation of innovation. And China plans to be on the frontier.

“For thousands of years, thinkers have grappled to understand the origins of the universe. Now, this question has been included, alongside more terrestrial topics such as agriculture, in China’s new economic and social development plan,” the article summarizes.

The article quotes Chinese writer Han Song, “…like the ancient philosophers Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu more than 2,000 years ago, modern thinkers are deliberating the ultimate question of existence. Fundamental questions, like this, have the power to influence solutions to some of the most prominent problems faced by society, and the world at large.”

Zhang Xinmin, from the Institute of High Energy Physics, who is also involved in research into gravitational waves in the Ali program in Tibet, said that without research, innovation on a large scale is unachievable. Similarly, Wu Ji, Director of China’s Space Science Center, who has been outlining China’s space science exploration plans over the past week, stated, “If you want to innovate, you must have knowledge of the sciences. Space science is inseparable from China’s innovation-driven development,” which, as reported, is a focus of the next five-year plan.

According to Wu, a 15-year space science strategy has been mapped out by the Center, which will tackle questions such as the formation and evolution of the universe; extraterrestrial intelligence; extra-solar planets, and other questions. “If China wants to be a strong global nation,” Wu advised, “it should not only care about immediate interests, but also contribute to humankind. Only that can win China the real respect of the world.”

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