Our Job is to Keep Fighting, and Build Up Things We Can Build Up

In a March 9 discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee, Lyndon LaRouche characterized the campaign to disrupt the BRICS group as follows.

It’s British. Now, look at the condition. There are certain facts here which are very clear. First of all, the British are behind all of this, and the British are triumphing over the corruption that they have been able to induce in the United States, and the population of the United States. That’s a fact. Now, once you get past that, you have to see what the problems are in Europe, and then you get really a little bit scared, because you see whole parts of Europe disintegrating before our eyes, and especially those that are on the wrong track.What Putin’s doing is very good; it’s very effective,– it’s very good. And it’s successful, and this goes with China and with other kinds of operations around that that are piling in. So, it’s a good situation for us in terms of the prospects of the the thing. So, there’s no problem there. There’s concern, but not really a problem.

The problem with us is largely in the United States. It’s the fact that the people of the United States have been driven mad, heavily, by the Bush family, and now Obama. That has been a degeneration. Those things are so obvious that they have to be said, because they are so obvious. Look, the Congress is in a mess, a terrible mess.

So, if you take those things in, and make a list of the comparison of one thing with another, you find out that things aren’t so bad in one quarter, but they’re terrible in terms of the United States and the US population. The US is actually in desperation. In desperation because they accept speculative investment banking, but they don’t accept Glass-Steagall, which would be an automatic help to the process. So, that’s it. We don’t really have any kind of problem but that. We have Wall Street, which is no good, the FBI is no damned good, and a lot of people are just actual swindlers. And our people are made artificially, as well as actively demoralized. The demoralization of the US population is a very dangerous thing.

You see also in South America, the prospect is becoming terrible. It doesn’t have to be, but it is. So, we have to get our heads together, and not spread diseases which are not real.

LaRouchePAC leader Kesha Rogers is coming back, and that’s important. Her role there, from out of Texas, and in terms of its background there, is a very strengthening one in terms of the whole situation.

Wall Street and Washington know that Dodd-Frank has been a total failure. They know it! They’re terrified. People are tending to fear; a strong fear. But it just becomes hysteria. The political system is rotten; there were some areas of strength, but most of it is rotten. Demoralization is what the key thing is: you’ve got a terrible situation, but there’s something worse: demoralization. And of course, demoralization cannot be fought unless you have some actual strength behind it; you can’t just bluff it.

This is an extremely deadly situation. The question is whether the whole US economy will collapse before trouble really begins. China is in a good situation; Putin is in a good situation relatively speaking, and there’s a buildup of things in certain parts of the planet.

We haven’t got control of it yet. We have prospects, but not control. And the control is going to be provided by ourselves.”

Rachel Brinkley from Boston said that the population is furious that the economy is collapsing and no one is doing anything about it.

LaRouche replied,

They don’t believe they can do anything about it; that’s it. They believe it’s something happening to them; not something they’re doing.I’m hoping we’re going to break something here, because there are things breaking which are international factors. But I don’t have any precise evidence, so I’m just being cautious. And I think there are possible options; certainly in China, and Russia and so forth there are good signs. But a lot of the trans-Atlantic region and related cases, are a disaster. And they will probably remain a disaster, a worsening disaster. So, we’re at a point where we don’t have a real fine conclusion on anything; we have a lot of intimations.

It’s going to be global factors; I don’t think there’s much chance on local areas; I think that global factors are the only ones that are really significant. Because, look at the economy, look at the morality and so forth that we see in general. There is nothing in that. What there are, is there are developments that embrace some of the problem areas, and give people a certain sense of optimistic outlook. Because the situation if it were treated properly, is not as bad as many people would think. Or, it’s worse,–which is a funny thing. You have something which people believe is going to work for them, when it’s useless. But they also sometimes get a breath of looking up towards something.

Our job is to keep fighting, and build things up that we can build up. We’re not getting any miracles right now, except as we get a little advantage once in a while,– and that’s what you have to work on. And we get a few bright spots here and there.

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