Not Angry Failure — But Success

All discussion of events in the United States and European Union now focuses on anger — however it is directed, the rage of populations at the decline in their productive economic status and the threats to their very existence. This anger propels candidates for high office upward and back down again, elicits the worst lies from them, temporarily rewards these lies, and stupefies the enraged European and American populations.

The formerly productive American working population, for example, are furious at free trade, and at Wall Street, which has destroyed their productive livelihoods. But do they support candidates, like Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, who are serious enemies of Wall Street? They do not.

Their anger is fundamentally demoralization. It is the moral death of citizens who feel they no longer have the right or the ability to get serious answers or successful policies from their leaders — or to expel leaders, like Barack Obama, who are destroying them through wars and economic decay.

In fact, expelling Obama from office, now, is the only effective political shock likely to force a fundamental change in the presently hopeless Presidential race.

There is a clear alternative. The strategic policy which Russia’s President Putin has conducted against terrorism and perpetual war in the Mideast, has been successful, and the United States and Europe must collaborate with it.

China is not only not “in a crash,” as financial commentators angrily write: China’s “New Silk Road” policy is an economic success for the development of each nation in the world collaborating with it, from Russia to Egypt to the South Asian and, now, the Southeastern European nation.

China’s and India’s bold space projects — successfully putting an orbiter around Mars on the first attempt, preparing a first-ever landing on the far side of the Moon — are preeminent examples of successful leadership.

Americans should demand this for the United States space program, the world pioneer and scientific-economic driver, until Obama virtually shut it down.

These prospects are the instruments to change the intrinsic demoralization Americans and Western European populations have fallen into. This won’t be done alone, but by cooperation with the potent strategic and economic development policies of the Russian, Chinese, Indian leadership. These, and not sullen rage, are the potent demands citizens should be acting on.

Click to access 20160329-not-angry-failure.pdf

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