Where is the Democratic Party of FDR?

The United States is currently facing the gravest crisis of its existence. The national death rate is on the rise, with record numbers of deaths caused by heroin overdose, alcoholism, and suicide. The stock market is rising, propped up by several trillion dollars of bailouts, which are also driving up the prices of everything required to survive, from housing to medicine, to tuition. And, contributing to people’s despair and isolation, the President of the United States, and the Wall Street – controlled media, have declared this an “economic recovery,” while opportunistic fraudsters, known as “Presiential Candidates” bow and scrape in deference to the great “Obama recovery.”

This is eerily similar to the situation faced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he took office in March of 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression. Europe was going fascist, but at this time Americans resisted fascism and supported FDR. After FDR died, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI ran a terrifying witch hunt against everyone who collaborated with FDR, and later targetted President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr, both of whom were assassinated. Today, after 15 years of Bush and Obama, in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, it is the government of the United States which is fascist, and the American people who have become the legendary “good Germans” and accommodated themselves to an FBI and Wall Street dictatorship.

Look at the world today. The two nations which are contributing the most to mankind’s future are Russia and China. China has lifted over 600 million people out of poverty over the past two generations, and under President Xi Jinping, China is reaching out to the nations of Africa and South America to develop transportation and energy corridors which will raise the standard of living for billions of people. China also is leading the world in scientific discovery, with plans to land on the far side of the moon in 2018.

President Putin, while taking measures to dramatically improve conditions of life for the Russian people, has brilliantly prevented thermonuclear war, in spite of intense provocations from Obama and his NATO allies. Putin announced his intent last September to form a real “anti ISIS coalition,” which has successfully liberated Syria’s major cities from that reign of terror and secured a cease fire which has, along with economic initiatives taken by Russia and China, created the potential for that region to become a corridor of economic development and prosperity.

Has President Barack Obama embraced the achievements of these two great powers? No. Instead he is developing new highly accurate “miniature” nuclear bombs to be used in “limited nuclear war” against them. Has Obama joined President Putin in crushing ISIS? No. While Russia was carrying out hundreds of successful sorties against terrorist targets in Syria, Obama was shipping 3000 tons of weapons to the impossible-to-locate “moderate Syrian rebels” –that is, Al Qaeda. Has President Obama released the 28 pages from the September 11 Congressional Joint Inquiry which address the funding and logistical support for the mostly Saudi terrorists who killed thousands of Americans in 2001? No. He has not. And your chosen Democratic Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have not broken with him on any of these policies. Nor have the Republican candidates.

Perhaps this is why you and your friends find this election so depressing. We have a president who, like a modern day Nero, is arbitrarily killing thousands of people with drones abroad, threatening nuclear war with Russia and China, as he drives millions of Americans to their premature deaths in the United States, and not one candidate, either Republican or Democrat has had the guts to tell the truth about it, and call for his immediate removal from office. You are depressed because thus far, you, the American Voter, have decided to sell your soul and your children’s future and capitulate. It is time for you to face the truth: Obama must be removed under the 25th Amendment, and the Party of FDR and JFK has to step forward and do it. Remember what Franklin Roosevelt said in his first inaugural address: “…let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” Don’t be a coward: Obama must be dumped now!

Following the immediate removal of Obama, Lyndon LaRouche has called for action reminiscent of FDR’s first 100 days. Wall Street must be wiped out with Glass-Steagall, and the empty skyscrapers re-appropriated to develop a state-of-the-art health care system of hospitals,teaching schools, and scientific research facilities.A Hamiltonian credit system must be established to allow for a New Deal of develop- ment in the United States: a national high speed rail grid, urgently needed water and power management projects, other transportation upgrades, a connection across the Bering Strait, a revival of NASA and a scientific mission for the future of our nation, and investment into the frontiers of science that have the most potential to dramatically transform the economy and living standards, such as nuclear fusion.

The interim President must meet with Presidents Xi and Putin to establish cooperation on urgent security matters, such as drug trafficking and terrorism, as well as important scientific collaboration on space exploration and fusion research. The United States should cease plans to surround Russia and China with nuclear weapons, and instead enthusiastically join Xi’s One Belt One Road new Silk Road initiative.

These measures will create the potential for millions of Americans to become productively employed, reversing the suicidal trend of the last decade. This is the program of an FDR- Democratic Party.


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