Obama Launching Two More Wars — Remove Him Now or Face Global War

“President Obama has Ended the War in Iraq” October 22, 2011 (US Embassy Photo)



The fraudulently labeled “unity government” of Libya under Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj, has done his appointed task. Despite the fact that neither of the two major political entities in Libya support him, he has been installed and recognized by the Western nations, and now, as was the intention, has called on Italian Prime Minister Renzi for Europe to provide “protection for the oil fields.” This call came just hours before Obama met with the failed leaders of Europe (Cameron, Merkel, Hollande and Renzi) on Monday, April 25. As planned, Obama used this totally fraudulent appeal from the fraudulent Prime Minister Sarraj for an invasion force, to demand that NATO answer the call. Troops are now being prepared to move into Libya for phase two of the Obama slaughter of Libyans.

Although Syria can hardly be called a “new” war — after all, Obama has for five years backed Saudi-funded terrorists to help him achieve regime change against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad — but Obama has now turned the war into an official US invasion, announcing the deployment of 250 US special forces into the country to join the 50 already there. Three hundred foreign troops sent into a country, uninvited, by a president committed to removing or killing the head of state, can only be called an invasion. Simultaneously, the Saudi-controlled opposition has pulled out of the Geneva peace talks, launched military operations in Aleppo, and threaten to totally break the cease-fire.

This comes as Obama is deploying the world’s most destructive military forces right up to the Russian border across Europe, under the incredibly absurd pretext that Russia is planning an invasion of the Baltic nations or even western Europe.

These actions by Obama in Southwest Asia and Europe have placed the United States in an eye to eye, nose to nose confrontation with Russia and President Putin. If Obama’s murderous rampage is not stopped immediately, he will succeed in launching war across the entire planet.

The basis for Obama’s immediate removal from office in now on the front pages across the United States and much of the world — he is directly responsible for covering up the Saudi responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist assault on the United States, which killed nearly 3000 citizens of New York City and others. In fact, Obama’s announcement of the two new wars came just hours after his fawning ass-kissing of the Queen of England, and before that the similar ass-kissing of the King of Saudi Arabia, himself a puppet of the British monarchy. The orders were delivered to the puppet of the British Empire, and their loyal servant followed the instructions to the letter.

Lyndon LaRouche, who over the past 18 months has mobilized the citizens of New York City through classical music, science, political reality and a call to arms, in a project he calls the Manhattan Project, said today that the effort to cover up the British/Saudi role in the 9/11 attack will not be tolerated any longer by an American population — especially New Yorkers — who are demanding the truth about both 9/11, and why 14 years of a “War on Terror” under Bush and Obama has not only failed to defeat terrorism, but in fact has put the United States on the side of the terrorists! “I know the temperament of the people of New York City,” LaRouche said. “They will renounce anyone who tries to continue covering up for the Saudi terrorists.” He called on Americans to be tough, that Obama is himself a crime against the world, and covering up his crimes is treasonous, since it is taking us rapidly to global thermonuclear war. Many leading Americans, including many flag grade officers in the US military, and a majority of the American population, know this to be true. A time like this warrants no compromises, since it is humanity itself which is at stake.

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