Friday Webcast, April 29, 2016 (with transcript)



Join us at 8pm EDT for our weekly webcast featuring this week Matthew Ogden, Jeff Steinberg and David Christie.


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good evening! It’s April 29th, 2016. My name is Matthew Ogden, and you’re watching our weekly Friday evening broadcast from

I’m joined via video today by both Jeffrey Steinberg of Executive Intelligence Review, and Dave Christie of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee. Dave is joining us from New York City, where he’s been for the last two weeks actively involved on the ground in the mobilization around the release of the 28 pages and everything that that entails in New York. Dave will be joining us a little bit later in the program to issue the marching orders and a call to action for all of you who are watching this broadcast tonight.

We had an opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. LaRouche earlier today. Dave was a participant via telephone. Mrs. Helga LaRouche was also a participant in that discussion. That meeting actually began with Mr. LaRouche listening to the interview that [former] Sen. Bob Graham delivered with National Public Radio (NPR) on the Wednesday morning “Morning Edition” program. Mr. LaRouche listened to this interview in full, and I’m going to let you know what his comments were after the interview concluded.

I would like to just begin tonight’s program by reading a few excerpts from that interview which was very, very significant. Sen. Bob Graham continues to be very blunt in his accusations around who is responsible for the cover-up, or what he again repeated, the “aggressive deception” of the American people around the issue of what really happened in 9/11.

Sen. Graham, in this interview, did not only call for the release of the 28 pages, he also called for the release of the tens of thousands of other pages of documents that have been withheld from the American people and withheld from Congressional investigators, and called for a re-opening of the 9/11 investigation. In this interview Sen. Graham did as he has before, but in a very blunt and very frank way, placed the responsibility right on the doorstep of the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which he accused, in no uncertain terms, of lying to Congress and engaging in this “aggressive deception” of the American people.

Let me read a few excerpts from Sen. Graham’s interview, to begin things tonight. What Sen. Graham said is:

“The reason why the 28 pages are so important is that they were the conclusion of the congressional inquiry into 9/11 as to how was that plot financed? Who paid for it? And while I can’t discuss the details of that chapter, they point a strong finger at Saudi Arabia.

“What we do know publicly was that there were agents of the Saudi government which assisted at least two of the hijackers who ended up living in San Diego—provided them with financial support, with anonymity, with a place to live and with flights lessons, and protected them for, in one case, over a year. The FBI has turned over [frankly was forced to turn over—MO] to a federal court, through a Freedom of Information Act case, 80,000 pages involving an investigation that took place in Sarasota, Florida of the relationship between Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 19 hijackers and two of his henchmen, and a prominent Saudi family, which had lived in Sarasota for six years. Two weeks before 9/11 they left under what were described as urgent conditions to return to Saudi Arabia, creating the inference that they were tipped off and decided they would be better off someplace else than in Sarasota when 9/11 occurred.”

The interviewer then asked Sen. Graham the following. She said, “Do you believe that consecutive administrations have been protecting the Saudi royal family against the interests of United States citizens?”

Sen. Graham said, “Yes. And I think it’s been more than a cover-up. I think it’s been what I call aggressive deception. There are instances in which the FBI has publicly released statements which I know from personal experience were untrue. They stated that in this Sarasota situation, that they had completed the investigation, that the investigation determined that there were no connections between the hijackers and the prominent Saudi family, and that they had turned over all of this information to both the congressional inquiry and the 9/11 Citizens Commissions. I know for a fact that none of those three statements are true.”

Then the interviewer said to him: “Let me get this right, sir. You are alleging that the FBI deliberately lied about this issue and that there has been a cover-up.”

Sen. Graham interrupted her, and said: “It’s more than a cover-up. The FBI misstated what is in their own records relative to the situation in Sarasota.”

He was asked: “What do you think needs to happen?”

Sen. Graham said: “I think we need to have a general re-opening of the investigation into 9/11. Both the congressional and the 9/11 Commission operated under tight time restrains, which precluded the full inquiry that needs to be held when the 9/11 issue is reopened.”

What Mr. LaRouche said, after listening to this interview, was that this is cut and dry. This cannot be argued with. Everything that Sen. Graham said was absolutely right.

He said, “Justice must finally be served to the citizens of the United States. It can no longer be postponed. Nobody can say, ‘Let’s just put this off, let’s put this off, let’s put this off, for another week.’ It must happen now. The true story has been covered up for far too long,” Mr. LaRouche said, and he said, “Sen. Graham’s statements on this are cut and dry. His identification of the ‘aggressive deception’ by the FBI goes right to the point, and cannot be argued with. Remember, the FBI is under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, which is a member of the Executive Branch, which places this entire operation right on Obama’s doorstep. The Executive Branch can’t act without the President’s direct orders.

“Any attempt to perpetuate this,” Mr. LaRouche said, “is a violation of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States, in the interests of what is proved to be a hostile, foreign, power, right up to the point of what could be called approaching treason. The danger is that of World War III, which would threaten the destruction of not only the United States, but the entire world. Not a day goes by that there is not a provocation occurring somewhere in the world by Obama against both Russia and China, any one of which could light the fuse for World War III. We cannot wait, we cannot put things off. We can’t say, ‘Oh, just a few more weeks, just a few more months.’ World War III is at our doorstep, and World War III would mean the destruction of the human race.

“The ceasefire in Syria is nearing the point of disintegration. The role of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in this is apparent and a very obvious point, and the strategic leverage that is needed through the declassification of the 28 pages, would stop this war. This shows you just one example — a very immediate example — but this is just one example of the strategic necessity of releasing the 28 pages and exposing the Saudis and their partners in the British monarchy for what they are and what they did in the case of the crime of 9/11”

Those were Mr. LaRouche’s summary remarks, in a paraphrase form. What I’d like to do at this point is ask Jeffrey Steinberg to elaborate a few of these points that Mr. LaRouche made. But before I do that, I will read our institutional question that we received today, which I had the occasion to present to Mr. LaRouche, and then I’ll ask Jeff to fill out some of these details. The question reads as follows:

“Mr. LaRouche: The demands for declassification of the 28 pages is calling into question the administration’s lack of moral and Constitutional authority to keep them classified. On April 26, the Orlando Sentinel in an Opinion piece titled, ‘Where We Stand,’ criticized the Obama administration for ‘denying Americans information they deserve to evaluate their government’s foreign policy and effectiveness in counter-terrorism.’

“Professor Andrew Bacevich wrote, ‘The answer is self-evident, because, in the estimation of those such as Philip David Zelikow, ordinary citizens are not to be trusted in such matters. Policy must remain the purview of those who possess suitable credentials, and can therefore be counted on not to rock the boat. But the boat needs rocking—in the Middle East, the foreign policy establishment further serves no purpose other than to perpetuate folly. Releasing the 28 pages just might provide a first step towards real change.”

The question concludes: “In your view, are there any provisions within the law and the U.S. Constitution, to prevent the President from releasing the 28 pages to the public?”

As Mr. LaRouche said, “Quite the contrary! The Constitution requires that the truth be told.” Jeff, I’m going to hand it over to you at this point, to elaborate a little more in detail.

JEFFREY STEINBERG:  Well, I think first of all, the point that Mr. LaRouche just made is absolutely fundamental. By any legitimate Constitutional http://loss President Obama has conducted himself in ways that border on treason, because getting to the bottom of 9/11 and getting at the truth about the role of both the Saudis and the British in carrying out that action, and in covering up their role and in covering up the role of the Bush administration — which was the ultimate beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks.

After all, the whole Bush Presidency from the time of those attacks onward, was framed around the move toward dictatorship and war. We had the Patriot Act, we had the Iraq invasion, we had the Afghanistan War. And now under Obama, all of those have been continued, and you can add on Libya and Syria to the list of crimes that have been committed, not only against those nations, but against the American people who’ve been asked to pay, in blood and treasure, for wars that were completely illegitimate.

Had those 28 pages been released by the Bush administration when they were originally ordered kept out of the Joint Congressional Inquiry Report, none of these wars and other catastrophes could have possibly happened, because the role of the Saudis — and by extension, the role of the British — would have been impossible to cover-up.

President Obama, after promising the 9/11 families that he would release those 28 pages, has gone even beyond the Bush administration in lying and covering up for the Saudis. The latest expression of that is that the White House is attempting to stall and buy time in order to break the current intensive momentum for declassification of the 28 pages and all that that implies. In reality, the policy of President Obama is to keep those 28 pages suppressed, to protect the relationship with Saudi Arabia, to continue to protect the relationship with the British monarchy, which he has slavishly avowed himself to be loyal.

These acts go beyond the minimal threshold for impeachment, and would warrant not only his removal from office immediately, but further criminal prosecutions for his role in complicity-after-the-fact in the most heinous crime that’s taken place on American soil, ever, namely the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Now, you’ve got a concert of effort underway right now by the British, the Saudis, the Obama White House, and the Bush apparatus to arm twist and demand http://loss to back down. You’ve had despicable statements coming out of former Governor of New Jersey Thomas Kean, and former Speaker of the House Lee Hamilton; basically claiming that the 9/11 Commission thoroughly investigated the http://loss and found no evidence of Saudi involvement.  We know that that is a complete lie and a complete fraud; because one of the documents recently released by the Interagency Security Clearance Appeals Panel — ISCAP — which was a 47-page report from June 2003 by 9/11 Commission investigators.  [this] made clear: 1) that there was massive evidence of direct Saudi government and Saudi royal family involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  That 47-page document names 21 then-current Saudi government officials who were working closely with the 9/11 terrorists.  They included Saudi officials in Los Angeles, in San Diego, in Florida, in Falls Church, Virginia, in Paterson, New Jersey; and in Hamburg, Germany, where the planning cell existed.  Where Mohammed Atta was operating prior to coming to the United States.

And furthermore, that one document alone makes it clear that there was a concerted effort from the top down by the FBI to kill the investigation; to suppress the leads.  Now, you could speculate that the FBI was covering up in order to defend their own credibility, because an FBI informant was housing the two original 9/11 hijackers to arrive in the United States for the better part of a year.  When the Joint Congressional Inquiry sought to interview that FBI informant, they were stymied.  When they asked to interview the case agents of the FBI, who handled that informant, they were denied access.  And so, the cover-up by the FBI was top down.  John Lehman, who was a Commissioner on the 9/11 Commission, told “60 Minutes” three weeks ago, that the FBI Director, Robert Mueller, personally insisted that the 28 pages had to be suppressed.  And we know that the FBI director immediately prior to Mueller, Louis Freeh, was hired to be the personal attorney for Prince Bandar bin Sultan; defending him against allegations of corruption and kickbacks with respect to the Al-Yamamah deal.  That was the deal that Bandar negotiated in 1985 with Margaret Thatcher, creating an arrangement where BAE Systems, the major British arms manufacturer, provided $40 billion in weapons to the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation. And in return, the Saudis provided supertankers on a daily basis, full of crude oil.  That oil was sold by British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell on the spot market; and it generated a surplus of hundreds of billions of dollars, that Bandar has boasted publicly went into a slush fund for financing regime change operations.  Starting with the funding http://loss, Bandar received $2 billion in kickbacks from that deal.  Funds went from the Bank of England to Bandar and his wife, Princess Haifa’s personal accounts at Riggs National Bank in Washington; and those funds were, in turn, passed on to the two lead 9/11 hijackers — al-Midhar and al-Hazmi — who were under the control of Saudi intelligence officers who got the money from Bandar.

So, there is a paper trail contained in those 28 pages that not only is a damning condemnation of the role of the Saudis in 9/11; but opens up a window into the real investigation, which goes to the heart of the Anglo-Saudi relationship.  That there was a large and fundamental British element to the this whole picture.  And let’s not forget that in the last several weeks, as the heat built up demanding the declassification of the 28 pages, where was President Obama?  He went to Saudi Arabia; from Saudi Arabia, he went directly to London, where he met personally with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and others in the royal family. So, any idea that President Obama is even entertaining the concept of releasing any of the 28 pages, is shown to be a complete fraud; just by reviewing his role and his recent itinerary.

So, this is a barroom brawl; and I think it’s clear that former Senator Bob Graham has dramatically escalated his own fight for the declassification of not just the 28 pages, but the hundreds of thousands of other pages of documents.  The 80,000 pages of documents in the FBI file in Sarasota, Florida, that were suppressed by the FBI; that never got to Senator Graham when he ran the Joint Congressional Inquiry, and which the FBI attempted to keep a lid on.  And to this day, we’re still awaiting the outcome of a Federal judge’s review of those documents; that point to a Sarasota cell of Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers, parallel to the cell that existed of Saudi intelligence agents in San Diego.

So, the bottom line here is that had the truth come out, back in 2002, back in 2003; the US relationship with the British and the Saudis would have been fundamentally altered.  Under those circumstances, George W Bush and Dick Cheney could have never credibly initiated the Iraq War.  Remember, they were lying and not only claiming Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but they were claiming that there was an Iraqi hand behind the 9/11 attacks.  If you wanted to actually launch military operations against those nations that did 9/11, you would have bombed Riyadh and London; not Baghdad and Kabul.  And now, because of that lie, because of that treasonous misrepresentation and deception of the American people by two consecutive Presidencies — Bush, and now Obama; we find ourselves in perpetual wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and the prospect of thermonuclear confrontation.  Strategic confrontation with both Russia and China.

So, the stakes involved in this 9/11 issue, that begin with the release of the 28 pages, are monumental.  And it’s vital that no one should be fooled or flim-flammed by leaks coming out the Obama White House that they are “on the verge of making a decision about declassification.”  It is in Obama’s nature, as a British agent, that he can’t http://loss.  It is his obligation to the British Crown and to their Saudi assets, that these 28 pages and all of the other documentary files on the British-Saudi role in 9/11 continue to be suppressed.  So, this means that there must be a continuation and a dramatic escalation in the battle to get those pages released.  We’ve reached the moment where the strategic crisis is such that it is only the full disclosure of the 9/11 files — starting with those 28 pages — that offers the opportunity to prevent war.  And of course ultimately, the measure that is vital to stopping this drive towards war, is Obama’s removal from office.  His behavior with respect to the 28 pages is already more than sufficient to meet the criteria of our Constitution, of high crimes and misdemeanors.

So, in answer to the institutional question, not only are there no Constitutional impediments, there is a Constitutional mandate for that material to be fully released to the American people; to get out the full unexpurgated truth about 9/11.  And that means that this President should be removed from office for efforts he’s already carried out for 7.5 years to keep that story suppressed, in order to perpetuate the Anglo-Saudi White House that’s brought us to the brink of a war of potential general destruction.

OGDEN:  Thank you very much, Jeff.  I think one element of the story that I think the American people would be shocked to learn about, is the fact that not only have the American people been the victims of this aggressive deception by their own government and by the FBI in particular, but former Senator Bob Graham himself has personally been a victim of this aggressive deception operation.  Not only has the FBI lied to the American people, lied to Congressional investigators, impeded a Congressional investigation, withheld critical evidence from a Congressional investigation into the Saudi connection into 9/11; but former Senator Graham delivered a few interviews last year where he revealed a story in which he personally, along with his wife, were detained by agents of the FBI, and were essentially told, “Back off this investigation.  Nothing to see here.  No leads.  Drop your investigation or else.”  This was in 2011, when they were travelling on a personal trip to Washington, DC from Florida.  They disembarked their plane at Dulles,  they were here to visit their daughter and have Thanksgiving dinner with her. And they were approached by two agents of the FBI and told, “Senator Graham, Adele Graham, please follow us.”  They were escorted to a private room; they were placed in two separate cells, and held there for an extended amount of time.  And one of the FBI agents essentially told Senator Graham, “Look, quit it with your investigation.  There’s nothing more to see.  Time to back off; time to drop your investigation, or else.”  And obviously, Senator Graham did not succumb to that kind of intimidation; and has only continued to accelerate and escalate in his quest for the truth behind not only what happened in 9/11, but also why agencies of the United States Federal government are going to this extent to cover up and aggressively deceive the American people as to what the truth in fact is.

So, I think the American people would probably be very shocked to learn about that episode in this long saga of the fight to release the 28 pages.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this program, we also have Dave Christie joining us from New York City.  Dave has been in Manhattan for the last two weeks; and is engaged on the ground in the mobilization there, including building towards a major public event that we will be hosting in New York City tomorrow, Saturday afternoon.  A dialogue with Mr. LaRouche.  I would like to ask Dave to give us a little bit of a sense of what’s been happening on the ground there; and also, just give us the marching orders.  A little bit of a call to action; where do we go from here to escalate this fight?  So, Dave.

DAVID CHRISTIE:  Yeah, thanks, Matt.  I would look at it that we’ve been in an acceleration over the last three weeks; if you go back really since the “60 Minutes” show on CBS.  There’s just been a spread of press coverage from Florida to Los Angeles, the Chicago Tribune‘s editorial board, the New York Times‘s editorial board; the list goes on.  So, the crescendo that we have created over the years is reaching a point of acceleration and our role in catalyzing that is very crucial.

Now, over the recent period, we’ve initiated a task force for outreach into various institutions from the first responders — police, fire; there are actually groups that are advocating for health care for the 9/11 victims.  On to the city councils, where they could pass emergency resolutions; they’ve done this on things like the TPP.  Congress, legislatures, all of this; so we’re vectoring the American people into immediate action on [the fact that] these 28 pages must be released.  Not just to expose the role of Saudi Arabia, but to expose the coup behind 9/11.

Now, I think it also has to be seen in this context that this is not just something that has come up in the recent period in our intervention into Manhattan.  Really, this fight goes back to when Mr. LaRouche launched the Manhattan Project.  And he’s often referred to October of 2014, which was actually the first in a series of conferences we’ve held since then, which was titled, “Stop the Cover-up; Release the 28 Pages of the Congressional Report Now!”  So, that was in October of 2014; we had prominent members of the families of the victims of 9/11 speak there.  And that was really the initiation of a series of conferences which put the New Paradigm on the table for really the world; but held these conferences in Manhattan from Harlem, from the Riverside Church up to the recent conference we held on April 7.  Which has put the New Paradigm on the table; which is how to reverse the coup that came in with 9/11.  And I think that’s really been at the core of the organizing with the citizens of Manhattan and really across the country, that 9/11 was a British-run coup to destroy the American republic and use it under the guise of terrorism to destroy the emerging paradigm; to destroy the BRICS dynamic.

So, I think nowhere but in New York City can you also have the institutional interventions; and just a couple from this last week, where there was one with prominent people from the State Department, various embassies represented, military attachés, ambassadors and so forth.  Who were there to listen to a presentation on Obama’s security summit; and the argument was made by some that are coming from the Obama administration that Obama has done wonders for the world around disarmament.  And we had the first question into this smaller grouping of individuals from the various embassies and so forth; which basically refuted the idea that Obama is moving for disarmament.  But reviewed the ballistic missile defense systems that are ringing Russia; which supposedly were supposed to be removed after the Iran deal; to the THAAD systems in Korea, to the B-61-12 deployment in Europe; this is part of Obama’s trillion dollar upgrade program.  And that set off others in the audience, who said, Yeah, wait a second.  What is this confrontation going with China?

So, these are the kinds of interventions where when we make them and put the crucial issues on the table that otherwise would not be addressed of war; which is really what is behind the coup that came in with 9/11.  There was also a major security forum at Fordham University earlier this week.  The counter-terrorism czar under Clinton, Richard Clarke, spoke there; there was also the counter-terrorism head of the New York Police Department, a four-star general http://loss  28 pages, even before any Q&A session began.  And there was a kind of a gasp from the audience, everybody was on the edge of their seats to find out what he was going to say on this.  But we prominently raised the issue of the war drive; and that this was really what the Saudi role in 9/11 was really intended to do.  Under the guise of fighting terrorism, to surround Russia, China and India.  That goes back to what Mr. LaRouche laid out with the “Storm Over Asia”.

Now, I would just say that the other crucial aspect of the organizing is on the streets of Manhattan.  And to make it very clear what these 28 pages are; this is not some single issue. This is a crucial feature, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche, laid out today in discussions.  The 28 pages is a major flank to end the war drive.  And I think the role of the Riyadh grouping in sabotaging at the Geneva  Conventions, where they sabotaged the ceasefire that was underway.  I think we have to be very clear with the American people that this is a flank to stop that confrontation that something like Syria represents; where this is a war ultimately aimed at Russia.  And so, I think that’s been very crucial in the field; every step along the way, we’ve had our activists out there.  From Benghazi to the Charlie Hebdo massacre to the Paris terrorist attacks; we’ve been out there guiding the American people with what this has really been about, in terms of the fight to release these 28 pages to expose the London-Riyadh complex behind this.  So, deployments at Wall Street, at Federal Hall, under the approving eyes of George Washington, whose statue is in front of there; at the United Nations, organizing diplomats around what the New Paradigm represents, but also this war drive and the Saudi role behind 9/11.  We’ve also prompted some of the Saudi diplomats to come out and ask, “Who in the Hell do you think you are?”  As if they owned the streets of New York and so forth.  But then also, rallies earlier this week at Columbus Circle, which is underneath the apartment of Prince Bandar himself.  So, we had quite a raucous street theatre with the Queen of England making an appearance; and President Obama himself was there.  He had a petition which was to get New Yorkers to sign on to NOT release the 28 pages; and if they refused to sign, the petition was flipped over and they were then invited to sign the Tuesday kill session list.  We also had a fairly famous poster which has Obama behind bars; and this is of course what Mr. LaRouche has called for — the imprisonment of Barack Obama.

So, this is the kind of activity that we’re bringing to the streets of New York; and you really don’t get this anywhere else but.  In fact, we had one gentleman come up who had actually escaped the Twin Towers; he was on the 88th floor and had made it down.  And he came over and simply said, “Please keep doing what you’re doing.”  This is the only place where you can run into survivors; people who watched the victims jumping from the buildings.

So, our deployment is extremely crucial on this front, but I think perhaps the most powerful of these interventions into Manhattan and the Manhattan Project is the music work.  And we just held Handel’s Messiah at Easter, which had a very profound impact.  Probably people have heard about this by now, and there’s of course, you can watch that on the site.  But we’re planning a living memorial that Mr. LaRouche has called for; to honor the families and the victims of 9/11 with a performance of Mozart’s Requiem.  And I think obviously that justice, as Mr. LaRouche said in the discussion today, that justice will be meted out to the citizens of Manhattan. That that needs to be done with putting people in prison, including those covering up; obviously Barack Obama is at the top of that list.  People within the Bush administration, the Saudi officials, straight up to Blair and whoever else may be involved in this as we do the investigations. But there’s that quality of justice, but in terms of a spirit of what this represents, I don’t think you can actually deal with what these families and the victims went through other than through the power of music.  And the performance of Mozart’s Requiem will be very crucial to that.

So, I think that’s a certain sweep of what we’re up to. Now, obviously there are massive intentions by Obama, by the British Empire at large and their agents in the FBI and so on, to blunt the momentum.  So, our role in accelerating this, through the activities in the streets, through the institutions, is going to be very crucial; and I would encourage anybody who can attend the live event with Mr. LaRouche tomorrow to do that.  If you can’t attend live, of course, get on and watch it through the website.  But be involved in this discussion, because this period is going to be absolutely crucial.  Getting out the literature, deploying for an absolute break-out that this is the moment where we reverse the coup that came in with 9/11.  And we bring those responsible to justice, and we then use bringing those to justice as the means by which to bring the United States as our republic is restored into this New Paradigm; to collaborate with these BRICS nations and so on, instead of what is presently the march towards world war.

So, I think I’ll leave my comments there.

OGDEN:  Well, thank you very much, Dave.  And I think as you can certainly see, there’s a very active situation in New York right now, which Dave is right in the middle of.

So, let me just repeat what Dave said.  There will be a live event tomorrow afternoon; this is a regular occurrence in Manhattan, as part of the Manhattan Project, with Mr. LaRouche taking questions via video.  And if you can’t make it to the live event in New York City, please tune in; it will be broadcast live and it will be archived on the LaRouche PAC website.  So, I would like to thank both Jeff and Dave for joining me here via video today.  And I would like to thank you for watching; and please stay as active as you can.  This is obviously a very, very hot fight; very fast moving, and developing by the minute.  So, thank you for tuning in tonight and please stay tuned to  Good night.

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