Obama’s CIA Director to New York – Forget About Justice for the 9/11 Attacks

John Brennan, director of the esteemed CIA, insists there’s “nothing to see” in the 28 pages.



The Obama Administration’s decision Sunday, to attack the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and its 28-page section on Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks, can have an immediate boomerang effect against Obama himself. The matter of complicity after the fact in heinous terrorist crimes is involved; so is the matter of stopping Obama’s British/Saudi war policy from triggering global, thermonuclear war.

Obama, following George W. Bush, has kept those 28 pages secret for eight more years, protecting the Saudi monarchy and arrogantly ignoring and opposing the 9/11 victims and survivors who want them released.

CIA Director John Brennan’s “Meet the Press” appearance Sunday, where he claimed the evidence in the 28 pages is untrue, and pushed hard against releasing them, escalates Obama’s treasonous cover up of Saudi Arabia’s 9/11 crimes.

For nearly a month since “60 Minutes” and Senator Bob Graham showed how isolated the White House is in concealing that evidence — using the FBI to intimidate those investigating and compiling it — there has been major debate in political institutions and media across the United States.

But the issue has become really hot in New York City, where Lyndon LaRouche’s “Manhattan Project” has mobilized a city whose people still want justice and the truth about 9/11.

Release of the 28 pages and other hidden 9/11 documentary evidence could unleash justice in a broader way as well. It could mean prosecution of Obama and Bush for willful suppression of the evidence, of who really murdered 3,000 Americans and intimidated millions more into agreeing to disastrous wars and vast new FBI powers.

When CIA Director Brennan said “No” on Sunday, the various balloons the White House had floated about a review of the 28 pages underway for release “sometime soon,” should have been blown up. The truth will not out, and justice follow, in that way. Obama must be removed from office, by impeachment, in contemplation of further prosecution in the courts, for that treason. That is what LaRouche’s “Manhattan Project” is mobilizing for, and that way can the secrecy of the 28 pages of the Congressional Inquiry be ended, along with the impunity of the Saudis for their crimes.

But this gives us a chance for a still broader justice: These crimes include continuing to start wars to replace stable governments with chaos, and continuing to support Islamist jihadi groups to this day. Especially since the assassination of Libyan leader Qaddafi in 2011, it has been clear to us that the ultimate targets of these wars were Russia and China.

The ultimate planner of them has been the British imperial financial power, which looks to destroy the China/India/Russia alternative to its collapse. Obama and the Saudis have done the work.

Obama has been escalating a provocation to war with one or both of Russia and China, which can only be thermonuclear and total. Forcing him out stops that drive for a war confrontation which can only end in the destruction of civilization.

Join the mobilization for that justice.

I’m in, sign me up.

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