LaRouche: Practical Thinkers are Losers—Always Hit the Strategic Flank

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, September 2015. Photo:


Lyndon LaRouche today delivered a frank strategic assessment of the global situation to colleagues. The British Empire forces, including their Obama presidency, is driving the world towards general warfare against both Russia and China. The very survival of mankind hinges on the strategic thinking of Vladimir Putin and his Chinese partners. LaRouche asked: How will Russia and China survive this situation? If Putin’s successful flanking operations, from the time he first came into power and launched his war to crush the Chechen terrorists, to his surprise September 2015 Syria intervention, is any indication, the chances of survival are relatively good.

Faced with a desperate, bankrupt British financial system desperate to cling to power, like the Roman Empire in its final most decadent times, Russia and China will have to resort to continuous clever flanking operations that take the British and their minions by surprise. The principle of leadership, LaRouche emphasized, embodied in individuals like Putin, lies in their ability to out-maneuver the conscience of everyone else. It involves doing the seemingly impossible.

Putin learned an essential lesson, early in his time in power in Russia, when British and American elements sank the Russian submarine, the Kursk. At that moment, Russia was ill equipped to respond, but Putin came away with a valuable insight: Always prepare to win, and always look for the enemy’s greatest vulnerabilities. Often, as in the case of the Soviet-American victory over the Nazi and Fascist scourge in World War II, it is the enemy’s own self-delusions that are the greatest flank to exploit.

Such a flank has clearly opened up in the United States now, on the basis of President Obama’s slavish loyalty to the British Crown and their Saudi underlings, which is his greatest vulnerability. President Obama, CIA Director John Brennan and the top echelons of the FBI are all stuck in the fact that they cannot allow the release of the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. Now that they have been forced to come out publicly, due to massive public pressure, and admit that they will not release the 28 pages, they find themselves in a trap of their own making. Obama must be constrained and quickly removed from office. That is the key to war prevention at this late moment.

There are no practical solutions to the crisis facing mankind. There are only strategic flanks, which are always based on a clear vision of the future of mankind. This was the secret to President Franklin Roosevelt’s greatest accomplishments. Putin and the Chinese leadership of Xi Jinping have shown they grasp this vital secret of victory. There are no recipes or scripts that can be followed. Creative flanking at the highest strategic level, catching the adversary by total surprise, continuously: That method of thinking is the difference between survival and annihilation.

Be a genius, work with us.

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