Space Station to Earth on Victory Day: Dreams, Achievements Are Possible Only in a World Without War

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson enjoys a panoramic view of Earth from the International Space Station’s Cupola Observational Module. (NASA)



The Victory Day parade in Moscow today, with 10,000 military and other personnel, was the largest of hundreds of events across Russia, Europe and other nations, over the past few days, to mark the defeat of fascism 71 years ago at the end of World War II. Even in small parades and gatherings, participants reported the same emotion as conveyed in the grand Moscow procession–a sense of humanity and immortality. The quality is akin to the beauty evoked at the Russian orchestra concert in Palmyra last week.

Taken altogether, these events call the question: can enough of humanity rise to the occasion, to do what’s necessary now to bury the dead British system, and get on with the future? This was implied in a Victory Day message sent to Earth today from the three Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station. After congratulations to veterans, the people of Russia and of all nations, that defeated fascism in May 1945, the cosmonauts’ message added, “working in space and living a peaceful life; scientific research, dreams and achievements–all of it is only possible in a world without war…”

How to accomplish this? This was addressed in various ways today by Lyndon LaRouche on the weekly LPAC TV program, stating, “Always act on the basis of the flank.” Act so that “the target subject is being weakened and exposed…” The target is the British system–weak, stupid, and dangerous, and its operative, Barack Obama. LaRouche pointed to the successful way that Russian President Putin has repeatedly maneuvered from one situation to the next, acting to outflank this enemy. This is what must be done.

Today, Putin, addressing the Moscow parade, made a special international call, in addition to speaking of his homeland. “Today, civilization is again facing cruelty and violence; terrorism has become a global threat. We must defeat this evil; Russia is open to joining efforts with all nations and is ready to work on creating a modern, non-aligned system of international security.” Last September at the United Nations, Putin also called for a new world security architecture.

The push for all-out war is intensifying by the hour from the British geopolitical, military provocations against Russia, China and elsewhere. This week, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken is touring Eastern Europe, beginning with Romania, to stress how the U.S. is committed to its “European Reassurance Initiative” to put forces in Europe, against “aggressors.” Further, today’s New York Times covers statements by the Dep. Assistant Sec. of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, Michael Carpenter, blustering against Russian objections to U.S. military provocations in the Baltic Sea Basin. Whatever the Russians think or say, “This is not going to change our activities one iota,” Carpenter said. In June, the U.S. is sending 12,000 American soldiers to participate in Operation Anaconda, a 25,000 man NATO exercise in the Baltic region, centered in Poland.

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