LaRouche: Grand Strategy Occurs Exclusively in the Domain of Man’s Creativity

Lyndon LaRouche, February 29, 2016. (larouchepac)


“The issue is, can the human species produce from within its own ranks, a body of people who will meet the challenge of defeating the kind of evil we have to face now?” That was the challenge that Lyndon LaRouche threw down at a gathering of associates on May 10, in reviewing the deadly crises of war, financial disintegration and cultural decadence that the planet now faces, with the destructive demise of the British Empire and its trans-Atlantic financial system. LaRouche again pointed to the strategic interventions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as an example of the kind of thinking required.

“That’s what the recent experience of Putin has been,” LaRouche continued, “since he started the thing in saving people. And since he started that, he has worked on a continuous range of going, to win the global war. And it’s not to win the war in the sense of killing people; that was not the way he functioned in his recent activities. None! It’s the development of the individual within the nation, that is the key to power. The ability to create something better than mankind has known and experienced beforehand.”

A perfect example of Putin’s method–of launching high- risk, surprise flanking operations, which remoralize and ennoble the population–was the May 5 classical concert in the ruins of the Roman amphitheater in Palmyra, Syria, performed by the Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra under the baton of conductor Valeri Gergiev, and broadcast across the planet by Russian camera crews. But what has been scarcely reported in the Western media is that, the very next night, a Syrian orchestra and chorus performed on the same Palmyra stage, and that concert was also broadcast live both to Syria and Russia, by the Russian crew that stayed behind to complete the mission.

Putin, in a May 10 discussion with his top defense ministry and defense industry personnel, described the overall success of the ongoing Russian operations in Syria, as “a game-changer in the struggle against the terrorists,” whose final objective was to “create conditions for a political settlement in the country.” He again emphasized that “I hope that the mechanism that we have put in place with our partners, including the U.S… would bring about positive and radical changes in that country.”

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama, or any of the current Presidential candidates from either party, to respond positively to Putin’s appeal, just as they have failed to respond to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s repeated offer to join in the construction of the New Silk Road global great design, based on “win-win” cooperation.

“Look at this whole campaign, now, the two Presidential tickets,” LaRouche noted. “That’s why Putin’s likely to win the whole thing, with his friends. And if we want to have some part in that, we’ve got to look up and learn the lesson that this represents.”

LaRouche continued: “The point is that mankind is not a bunch of objects that you can manipulate and make the toys dance for you. That does not work. You have to actually create a power in mankind which is improved over previously existing expressions of mankind. That’s the whole game. And you have to spread this kind of development, such that it sustains itself. Most people just don’t have any idea what truth is. Because they think, `Let’s be practical.‘ The typical stupid person in the United States, says, `let’s be practical.’ And they’re stupid. Whenever they take that attitude they are being stupid, ridiculous, disgusting..

“That view of practice will never achieve a new improvement in the condition of mankind. That’s what’s wrong with this whole area. They don’t have a commitment to create something new, because they’re too stupid to know what something new would be. And it comes on the ability of mankind, to develop within the human individual who developed the characteristics for the ability to give a higher degree of power to mankind as a whole, through self-development of the human species. That’s the only thing that’s important…

“If you understand that the importance of creativity is located in the development of the power of the human mind, and without that development of the human mind as such, there is no secret, there is nothing. And when I ridicule what we do in this organization, that’s what I’m ridiculing…

“We have not grasped the urgent question of what wins. Do you win by beating the other guy? Or is there something else? Is it not the development of the human person, in the human personality, where the human personality grows into something better than an individual?”

I’m in, keep me connected.

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