Principles and Boundary Conditions of a New Space Program — May 14, 2016, 3pm EDT

To solve the problems on planet Earth, we must look beyond the mundane realm of “politics” to develop a higher image of mankind’s mission in the Universe. Together, Kesha Rogers and Ben Deniston have just issued a remarkable new document, available on, which puts forward the necessary plan of action, including the mastery of fusion powered propulsion, and establishing a near term human presence on the far side of the moon. This Saturday, Kesha, in Houston, and Ben, via video hook up from Virginia, will speak with us, to expand upon the ideas in this exciting paper. We intend to master these ideas, by which our movement can lead an economic and cultural turnaround for our nation and the world.

To participate in our live audience in Houston, Texas call 713-541-2907 to RSVP.

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