On Justice for 9/11: What We Need from Obama, Is To Get Out!

The battle to release the 9/11 evidence Bush and Obama have suppressed, and begin a new, full investigation of the Saudi Arabia’s murderous role in the 911
attacks, escalated to new levels with another interview with Adm. John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and member of the 9/11 Commission, aired by CNN on May 12. While Lehman had been interviewed for the blockbuster “60 Minutes” program on releasing the 28 pages in April, and also in the Guardian on May 12th, he broke new ground with CNN in several areas.

First, Lehman gave specifics about the role of Saudi officials. He “told CNN Thursday that the classified 28 pages of a congressional investigatory report into the attacks contains evidence that as many as six Saudi officials supported al-Qaeda in the run-up to the attacks.

“Those individuals, he said, worked for the Saudi Embassy in the U.S., Saudi charities and the Saudi government-funded King Fahd Mosque in California.”

Second, he said the Saudi involvement was never fully probed. “Lehman charged that evidence of Saudi involvement was never sufficiently investigated by U.S. authorities and that a new investigation should now be ‘vigorously pursued.”’

Third, Lehman said there were “hard” ties of the Saudi officials to the hijackers. “Lehman said the individuals had hard ties to the government—and hard ties to the hijackers, with one driving the hijackers from San Diego to Phoenix when they failed out of their first flight school.”

CNN ran the story on Lehman’s comments throughout the day on May 12, along with statements from an interview with another 9/11 Commission member, former federal prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste, who backed up Lehman’s statements about the investigation of the Saudis being incomplete.

“Our report should never have been read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia,” Lehman said, CNN reported, quoting his statement to the Guardian.

More members of Congress are signing on daily to the Walter Jones-Stephen Lynch bill to release this last, 28-page, secret chapter of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11.

Washington has been rocked by the rising series of demands for these 28 pages, and rising ferment in New York City in particular, for true justice for the thousands of victims and their families. It is now clear some leading Members of Congress who are neither activists for, nor signers on the Jones-Lynch bill, have pressured Obama about his and Bush’s suppression. It appears Obama has promised them to release the pages—a promise he intends to break, as he broke those to the families of the victims.

This shows the pressure which the LaRouche “Manhattan Project” has put Obama under. That now has to escalate. What we want from Obama, to accomplish that justice, is to remove him from office—NOW.

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