Putin is Winning, Through Creativity—US Must Learn the Lesson

Russian President Putin addressing the May 5, 2016 concert in Palmyra, Syria. Photo: kremlin.ru



Vladimir Putin is defeating Obama and the rapidly emerging Nazi International which Obama is leading on behalf of the British Empire. Putin is winning because he is creative. Americans can only participate in this drive for victory by regaining the ability to reject “public opinion” and “practicality” in favor of creative thinking, which has been driven out our population’s minds by 70 years of FBI terror, brain-destroying drugs and popular music, green psychosis against science, and London’s control of Washington through Wall Street.

On the military front, Putin not only intervened in Syria to demonstrate that terrorism can be defeated by cutting off its support from Obama’s friends in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but also demonstrated the purpose of military victory, through the profound weapon of J.S. Bach, performed in the same Palmyra ruins where ISIS beheaded its opponents.

In Asia, Putin, together with Xi Jinping, has refused to accept the new “blocs” of pro- and anti-China countries which Obama is frantically trying to create, including in his planned May 21-28 trip to Vietnam and Japan. Instead, Putin will host all the ASEAN leaders in Sochi this week under the theme “Towards Strategic Partnership for the Sake of the Common Good.”

While Obama sees Japan as the necessary military partner for confronting and defeating China, President Shinzo Abe has rejected every effort by Obama to turn Japan against Russia. Sources have confirmed to EIR that Abe’s May 6 meeting with Putin in Sochi opened up vast joint development cooperation in the Russian Far East, and set in motion a path to a solution to the territorial issues left over from World War II. The potential for similar expanding Japanese cooperation with China is building, much to Obama’s horror. In fact, the killer President may find himself running into a brick wall in Asia, as the world increasingly sees a paradigm of common interests and harmony presented by the BRICS as both desirable and necessary, to counter the mad military confrontation and economic disintegration policy coming from London and Washington.

The LaRouche movement’s effort to recruit Americans to sanity, centered in the Manhattan Project, is presenting the population with a solution, based on exposing the truth about the terrorists who killed 3000 people on 9/11, on reviving America’s classical musical tradition centered in New York as a political weapon against degeneracy, as in Palmyra, and on the Manhattan citizenry leading the nation towards cooperation with Russia and China, to create the required global Renaissance. It is Obama’s criminal madness which stands in the way, and the effort of the corrupt media to divert attention onto the clown show called an election, rather than on the urgent task of removing the obstacle now, before he can push the button.

The renewed surge of slanders against LaRouche in the mainstream (as in “sewer”) press reflects the recognition that Obama is taking a sever blow, internationally. LaRouche’s work with leading Russian and Chinese officials and intellectuals, in the strategic exposure of the British/Saudi terror nexus, and in fostering the New Silk Road development paradigm for mankind, poses the means for Americans to escape the deadly grip of pessimism and mediocrity, to become again the Americans who fought for freedom through creativity for all mankind.

I’m ready to help, sign me up

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