The Countdown Is On; Both Clocks Are Ticking

President Putin addresses the audience and musicians prior to the brilliant concert in the recently freed city of Palmyra, Syria. []



Russian President Vladimir Putin is acting in a totally different domain than the bankrupt trans-Atlantic system, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized in his weekly discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee on May 16. Putin is operating from the future, way ahead of the lunatics in London and Washington. “What’s happened with Putin: Putin is in a generation ahead of the rest of Europe,” LaRouche stated. “Putin is more advanced, culturally and in every other way, than everybody else in Europe.”

Newtonian fixed clocks do not exist, and they certainly do not define history, LaRouche elaborated. Rather, man’s creative interventions define the clock of history–or fail to, in which case the human species may well wipe itself out, as is now occurring with the British Empire.

Putin is creating a different clock, as is Lyndon LaRouche, and the two of them are operating on the same wavelength strategically, without need of the sort of “direct contact” that practical minds are obsessed with. That is why Putin is winning and Obama and his British sponsors are losing, LaRouche stressed.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz discussed precisely this concept of the causality of creativity in the universe, in a 1687 Letter to Arnauld:

This mutual correspondence of different substances which are not able, if we speak with metaphysical strictness, to act one upon another, and which nevertheless agree as though one were acting upon the other, is one of the strongest proofs for the existence of God, or of a common cause which each effect must always express according to its point of view and its capacity. Otherwise the phenomena of different minds would not agree and there would be as many systems as substances; or rather, it would be a pure chance if they at times agreed. All the conceptions which we have of time and of space are based upon this agreement.

The British Empire clock is now ticking down, faster and faster, to dangerous blowouts on the financial, military and other fronts. The Institute of International Finance, the bankers’ cartel, has just issued a report in which they estimate that upwards of $10 trillion of debt instruments globally are currently trading at real negative interest rates. This simply reflects the fact that the entire financial system has blown out, and that the British are desperately trying to pump in accelerating amounts of fictitious liquidity to keep their bubble from violently exploding. Another reflection of this same rigor mortis is that Ireland and Belgium have both placed 100-year bonds in recent weeks, while Spain has issued 50-year bonds carrying a 3.5% interest rate.

“This is economic death,” LaRouche stated bluntly, an unavoidable conclusion if conceptualized from the standpoint of LaRouche’s famous Triple Curve, which he first introduced to economic science in 1995.

On the military-strategic front, Putin will unquestionably respond to the escalating threats coming from Obama and NATO’s deployment of a ballistic missile system on Russia’s doorstep. But he will not respond in a way or at a time that Obama and the British Empire expect, or could possibly predict.

As Putin stated simply after the May 12 inauguration of the NATO Aegis Ashore base in Romania, and the May 13 breaking of ground for a similar base in Poland, which will go operational in 2018:

“Now, after the deployment of those anti-missile system elements, we’ll be forced to think about neutralizing developing threats to Russia’s security.”

But don’t bother trying to predict what that response will be. What can be said, is that it will be as surprising, and devastating, to the dying British Empire, as was the majestic May 5 performance of Bach’s Chaconne at the Roman amphitheater in Palmyra, Syria, where scarcely one month earlier the British Empire’s ISIS satanists had beheaded and mutilated captives, like clockwork.

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