Senator Bob Graham: 9/11 Support Goes to Top of Saudi Government

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), co-chair of the Joint Inquiry of Congress into 9/11, said yesterday, “Support for 9/11 goes to the top of the Saudi government,” in response to interviewer Stephanie Sy’s question about how high up the support for 9/11—Saudi terrorism—goes in Saudi Arabia.

Graham’s optimism came through in the video interview, conducted after the U.S. Senate’s unanimous passage of the JASTA (Justice Against State Sponsors of Terroriism Act) bill yesterday, which,  if it becomes law if it becomes law, will allow U.S. citizens to sue the Saudis for damages. “JASTA,” said Graham, “is part of an overall effort. It will not only open the courts to the victims of terrorism, but potentially expose information related to Saudi Arabia and 9/11.”

The release of the classified “28 pages” of the Joint Inquiry is “a roadway to more information,” Graham replied to the questions of what will release of the 28 pages do.

Graham reported that he met with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper last night, and Clapper indicated that he would finish his review of the pages, and then send his report to a panel of agencies, such as the State Department, and then the President, noting that it has been withheld for a long time, and that withholding of this information for so long has had consequences — for the families, and for the U.S., because “the Saudis know what they did, and they know we know,” and interpret [our non-action] as impunity to continue to fund terrorists.

Asked if he believed the Saudis were giving financial support to terrorists, Graham said yes. Asked which ones, Graham said, “You name them,” and agreed as they came up — Al Qaeda, ISIS, at least local affiliates, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Support runs from rogue elements to the highest levels. It includes public and private elements; government, foundations, individuals. And when accusations are made, said Graham, the Saudi government claims “sovereign immunity.” Our assumption is the support is on the part of the government.

Graham referred to the Saudi support network for the 19 hijackers, who had little education, little English, and required the support of others. Graham referred to 9/11 Commission member John Lehman’s statement that he knew of six high Saudi officials involved.

Graham said the information in the 28 pages would lead to many other documents, which would provide multiple confirmations of the evidence. Graham said, “It is not a coverup. It is, as I have said, aggressive deception.”

The Saudi threat to sell off its U.S. Treasury holdings is not credible, because it would hurt them, Graham said. If they were to do it, it would show how serious they think the threat is.

Finally, to the concern that other nations could sue the U.S. if injured by Americans, Graham replied that the JASTA bill was very carefully formulated, and no such suit could succeed.

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