If You Want a Future, Dump Killer Obama and his British Crown Owners

Obama meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron, April 22, 2016. Photo: U.S. Embassy London


President Barack Obama’s latest mass kill policy is directed against some of the most vulnerable Americans—the sick and the elderly. Obama’s plan to drastically cut Medicare spending on life-saving medicines has even awakened the cowards in Congress, who are horrified at the implications of this.

As Lyndon LaRouche told Policy Committee colleagues on Monday afternoon, Obama is a killer, a product of his Indonesian step-father. The Washington Post reported on May 23 that the Administration is about to release a heavily sanitized report on the death toll from Obama’s drone kill and special operations programs since he came into office in 2009. Even the Post had to admit that the data will be fake, concealing the fact that the overwhelming majority of people killed under Obama’s Tuesday kill session orders were innocent civilians, who were labeled as “terrorists” after the fact, to conceal the civilian death toll.

Everything that Obama has touched in the past seven-and-a-half years is drenched in blood: He has been on an international killing rampage, he has killed the US space program, and now he is targeting those in urgent need of life-saving medicine, sending them off to the death chambers.

Obama is not his own man. His policies are those he has been ordered to pursue by the British Crown. They are the policies of the late Lord Bertrand Russell’s “lethal chambers” and the eugenics revival under the green policies of the Huxley brothers.

In fact, today, it is the British government of David Cameron that is promoting war with both Russia and China in the immediate weeks and months ahead. Former British NATO General Sir Richard Shirreff is pushing war with Russia in 2017, which is absolute madness, given that the British have wiped out whatever military capabilities they had in the past. Now, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is promoting the deployment of as many as nine combat battalions to the Baltics and Central Europe, to create an explicit “tripwire” for world war. At a meeting on Monday of the European Union foreign and defense ministers, Hammond called for a land invasion of Libya and other north African nations to stop the refugee flows into Europe, which are the result of the wars of genocide started by Tony Blair and George W. Bush after 9/11.

The British and their stooge Obama are desperate because the world is moving rapidly in a totally different human direction, under the leadership of Russia, China, India and the BRICS and SCO nations. Japan is now moving into alignment with this new paradigm of development, particularly since the Abe-Putin meeting in Sochi in early May.

Eurasia is looking at the future, with an orientation towards expanded exploration of our Solar System and beyond, and of bringing hundreds of millions of people now living in poverty into the 21st century.

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