If the Cards Are Played Right, the British Will Take a Licking in Their Drive for Open Warfare

Far from a figurehead, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain retains the power to declare war against other nations, appoints the Prime Minister and is above the law, free from prosecution. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office



Humanity faces a grave threat over the coming summer months; we could even have general world war as early as June, Lyndon LaRouche told associates in a discussion the evening of May 24. And if it happens, it will be a serious war; it won’t be the kind of non-serious war that President Obama and his British controllers foolishly think they will be able to wage against Russia and China.

It will not follow Obama’s war plan, LaRouche emphasized, which is nothing but stupidity of the worst kind, focused as it is on utopian dreams of wunderwaffen, “blinding attacks,” and “fail-safe artificial intelligence systems of unmanned missile defense”—all premised on the non-existence of human creativity, and therefore of unexpected strategic flanks. In so doing, Obama is following right in the footsteps of Lord Bertrand Russell, whose entire life was dedicated to the denial and destruction of human creativity, including calling in 1946 for launching preemptive thermonuclear war against the Soviet Union—as Obama is now doing with Russia.

Obama is not a competent general, LaRouche noted, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware of that. Obama is a blusterer and a killer, but he is not a soldier. His power is seriously overrated: all he wants to do is kill people, and he takes delight in doing that. Putin, however is, not bluffing, whereas his enemies are.

With what Putin is now doing—flanking and confounding Obama and the British in strategic theaters stretching from Syria to the Far East—and if the cards are played right, LaRouche stated, the British will take a licking in their drive for open warfare.

In an earlier webcast discussion with the LPAC Policy Committee on May 23, LaRouche had elaborated that Putin “is a man of true courage. It’s not bravado; it’s true courage. Saying that mankind has a destiny to realize in the future; and that is what courage is—the ability carry into the future what is needed.”

Putin’s flanking operations are unique. He has a demonstrated capability to mobilize others, both inside Russia and abroad. He has forged a solid strategic alliance with China, the scientific-economic powerhouse of the planet. And he has just surprised and stung Obama—again!—by establishing in-depth cooperation with most of the nations of Asia, on the very eve of Obama’s current tour in that area, in which he had intended to marshal the region for war against China and Russia.

The key to strategic victory, LaRouche stated, is the same kind of creativity that guided the U.S. space program under Kennedy, and is guiding China’s current plan to go to the far side of the Moon.

“You have to look for something that is something that you have never defined; and you are going to find a solution experimentally for something that has never been defined before,” LaRouche said. “When mankind is able to dump popular opinions on the street, for example, that is when you get discovery. That is when you get progress!”

Tune in this Saturday for a special Memorial Day conference in Manhattan streamed live on larouchepac.com featuring Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

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