These are Days of Decision for the World

Indian President Mukherjee with leaders of Russia, China, South Africa, Vietnam, Egypt during the Moscow Victory Day Parade, 9 May 2015. The United States chose not to participate. [source:]



As Lyndon LaRouche told the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee yesterday, “There is a large, powerful force which is accumulating its expression, and this will be the deciding factor, if mankind survives at all.” That is, at just the moment that Obama and the British Empire are pressing for thermonuclear war, at just the same time the new peace order, the new prosperity order, the new historical order of mankind, is being consolidated around the New Silk Road declared by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, and the strategic genius of Russia’s President Putin.

Right now, India’s President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, is undertaking a four-day visit to China. In an address today at Peking University, he said that India and China are at the threshold of an opportunity to join hands and create a resurgence, a positive energy, an `Asian Century.’ This will not be an easy task. Obstacles need to be resolved with fortitude. The two countries must persevere to realize this dream. They must join hands in a durable friendship. President Mukherjee embraced all all forms of India-China cooperation, and said that coming generations of these two “young” societies, should not be burdened by any unresolved problems between the two countries.

President Mukherjee is the key man in India on the relationship with China, as he has been for many years, long before he became President.

And meanwhile, just today, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced a special two-day conference in Moscow, May 30-31, titled “Russia-China: Toward a New Quality of Bilateral Relations.” It will be addressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov among others. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova said that “Special attention will be paid to linking the Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt. They will also consider creating optimal conditions for forming the economic and political environment based on new principles, in the Eurasian space.”

Obama and his criminal gang have been attacking Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his policies, ever since Japan recently made steps to commit itself to a Eurasian-development alliance with China and Russia. At the ongoing Group of 7 meeting in Tokyo, Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew are attacking Japan for asserting that actual physical investment is required for economic survival,— they insist on pure money-printing instead.

Part of the scheme against Japan and its Eurasian policy, is that the Tokyo G7 meeting announced that it would issue a verbal attack on China over the territorial disputes in the South China Sea,— disputes which would be virtually unnoticed but for Obama’s deliberate aggravation of them. China immediately replied, through its Foreign Minister, that Japan should occupy itself with the revitalization of the Asian economy, rather than being concerned with things that have nothing to do with Japan.

Whether Europe will be forced into another war, which could be the last, or whether it will join in the Eurasian development effort centered in, but much broader than China and Putin’s Russia, is a subject of the most intense struggle in Europe at this moment. The growing refusal to submit to Obama’s blackmail has been highlighted, just over the past few days, by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s statements against the Russia sanctions policy, and his other statements in favor of Europe’s embrace of the New Silk Road. Even more striking was the column by noted German historian and commentator Michael Stuermer in Die Welt on May 24, cited by Helga Zepp-LaRouche that day. Now, Stuermer is certainly no left-winger, and Die Welt is a conservative paper, but nevertheless Stuermer made the clear and resounding call: “There is No Protocol which Protects Us from Nuclear War Any Longer.”

These are days of decision, but they are numbered. No one knows the exact number, but the decisions will not wait.

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