Dump Obama Now—The World is Ready To Join the New Paradigm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan celebrating their nations’ growing cooperation & resolution of past conflicts.


The leadership of the world has been taken over, rightly so, by the growing collaboration between Russia, China, and India, with other Eurasian nations enthusiastically joining in on the development plans, embodied in the One Belt, One Road program. London, Wall Street, and Obama are all desperate over this true, ongoing paradigm shift.

Commenting on this shift on Monday, Lyndon LaRouche cautioned that Obama is being exposed as nothing but a fraud and a sham. The danger is that such shams can detonate in a dangerous way. The challenge is to fully consolidate the shift to the Russia/China/India-led development paradigm, without setting off a violent freakout by Obama and company. This means, LaRouche emphasized, that “Obama and company have to be crippled” so that they are unable to act out their desperation.

It is more and more clear: The world doesn’t need Obama or the British or the Wall Street clown show. What is needed is an effective economic organization that replaces these desperate fraudsters and killers. We are at the point where the whole British system is coming down right now. That is the source of the war danger, and nothing else. “Dump these bums,” LaRouche declared. “Put these leading Eurasian nations, along with the nations of the South, in charge and back them up in their development plans.”

Above all else, as Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized over the past week, build the Kra Canal! This would mark a revolutionary change for the world, vastly expanding trade and development across all of Eurasia, into Africa and beyond. The Kra Canal would bring about a completely new view of the world as a whole.

More and more nations are ready to participate in this future. Japan is now in the process of reviving coordination with the other key nations–Russia, India, China–for Eurasian development, reviving programs that were previously embodied in the Mitsubishi Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF), which was pushing the Kra Canal back in the 1980s. China is prepared to invest $3.5 trillion over the next six years in major infrastructure projects, extending far outside the immediate Asia-Pacific region, according to a recent study by the Asia Society. Japan has announced its own $110 billion investment plan for the Asia-Pacific region.

Russian President Putin is coming to China later this month to finalize a reported 52 joint projects; and Russia-China talks are moving forward on the planned construction of a 7,000- kilometer high-speed rail link between Moscow and Beijing. India is extending its plans for trade corridors extending from Iran through to Afghanistan, with newly announced plans to also build a deep-water port in Bangladesh, along with the Chabahar port in Iran on the Gulf of Oman. India and China are supporting all of these investments, which will expand the productive powers of the entire Asia-Pacific region, with China and India alone making up one-third of the world’s population.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting China next week. The just-completed Gotthard Tunnel through the Swiss Alps, the longest rail tunnel in the world, opened officially on June 1, and the project, which took 17 years to complete, has triggered enthusiasm all over Europe. That enthusiasm for great projects has got to translate into leading European nations joining in the One Belt, One Road future in a much more serious way. That means breaking with the British Royals and Obama.

The projects being advanced by China and India, taken together, accelerate the development and embody the idea of “win, win” collaboration that is a hallmark of the shift from geopolitics of imperial wars, to real human development. We don’t need war. In fact, another big war would mean extinction. Putin knows and understands this, as do the leadership in China.

I’m in, keep me connected.

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