In This Moment of Grave Danger, Only a True Dialogue of Civilizations Can Suffice

The World Land-Bridge as envisioned by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.



The performance of U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at the just-concluded Shangri-La Dialogue on Asia-Pacific security makes it clear that unless President Obama is removed from office, long before January 2017, the world is facing imminent global war. Not only did Carter actively promote the need to create a NATO-like structure in Asia to confront China. He has been a driver of similar even more immediate threats to Russia.  In a matter of weeks, when Obama joins other NATO heads of state and government in Warsaw, NATO battalions will be deployed into the Baltic States and Poland.  Already, ground-based Aegis BMD systems are installed in Romania, and some sane voices in the West have equated this all with the Nazi staging along Soviet borders before the launching of Operation Barbarossa in 1940, during World War II.

The parallels between the era of Nazism and Fascism and today go beyond that NATO planned “tripwire” deployment.  The mood of cultural pessimism and xenophobia that has swept all across Europe, in the light of the economic collapse, the Troika program of vicious austerity, the refugee crisis and the threat of repeated blind terrorist attacks, poses a grave danger in its own right.  And the mood in the United States is no better.

In dialogue with colleagues on Sunday, both Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche strongly emphasized the need to revive the principle of individual human genius and to launch a genuine dialogue of civilizations, in which the great contributions from every culture and civilization are put forward as shining examples of what mankind can accomplish when society is organized around man’s creative capacity for discoveries of new physical principles never before imagined.  The image of the great space scientist Dr. Krafft Ehricke is a particular inspiration, as the United States faces the challenge to revive a space program that has been gutted and virtually destroyed by the anti-science ideology and policies of President Obama.  Krafft Ehricke, one of the geniuses of that past NASA program, spelled out mankind’s “extra-terrestrial imperative,” which remains the primary unfulfilled mission of mankind in the 21st century.

This theme of human genius was elaborated by LaRouche in a full hour of Manhattan Project Dialogue on June 5 as the only solution for mankind.

“Just realize that there are people who do have a quality of genius, and they don’t smudge it!” LaRouche said. “They recognize a genius in themselves, and they realize that this talent which has come to them, is something which is of a very serious nature, for the benefit of mankind.  It’s when mankind sees himself as being a discoverer, whose work is indispensable for mankind’s future, that’s where the beauty comes.”

In responding to Ashton Carter’s confrontation with China, Adm. Sun Jianguo, the deputy chief of the Joint Staff Department of China’s Central Military Commission, called for a fundamentally new security architecture for the Asia-Pacific region, based on cooperation, mutual understanding and dialogue. While it is clear that the majority of nations of the Asia-Pacific region reject the Obama and Carter war provocations, as reflected in the fact that Admiral Sun had 17 bilateral talks on the sidelines of Shangri-La, the danger of an eruption of actual war, whether directed against China or Russia, cannot be underestimated.  The German Ministry of Defense, according to Die Welt, is preparing a new White Paper, which will define Russia as a threat—no longer a partner.

It is not surprising that the Russian media has picked up on a petition that is now circulating in both Europe and the United States, for sane nations to withdraw from NATO altogether. Sputnik noted that the prominent French “left Gaullist” Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade is already a signer on the call.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized yesterday, “To avoid World War III, it is necessary for people to realize that humanity is one, and all cultures have produced gems” that demonstrate the potential for genius that holds the key to mankind’s future.  Lyndon LaRouche was even more blunt:  Unless you organize society around an understanding of human creativity as the pivotal factor, by putting it before the population, “you are nothing but a screwball.”

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