NATO’s Catastrophic Nuclear Bluff Against Russia: You Can Help Stop It Now

Will the American people come to their senses before nuclear war is launched?



From Germany’s Der Spiegel this afternoon came a last-minute warning: NATO’s “Anaconda” combined war maneuvers along the Russian borders in Poland and the Baltics are “going too far” and “playing at real war,” nuclear war. EIR has already warned that these massive war “games” can trigger a very real World War III, and we learn today that the exercises are even larger, involving some 50,000 NATO troops. The Obama Administration has at the same time cut off all discussion with Russia of the ballistic missile defense systems being built by NATO around Russia east and west; and Russian air force pilots and aircraft are themselves now practicing strikes to destroy these very BMD systems around the Black Sea.

Russia’s Consul-General in San Francisco, at the Schiller Institute’s seminar today in that city, responded to a question from U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel:

I share the understanding, that we are very close to a major conflict. And I add that there is no possibility of a `limited nuclear war.’ If that starts, it will be end of the world.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche bluntly laid out the escalating world war threat — intended to frighten both Russia and China into submission to Obama rules and dictates — to that seminar today. She also asked and answered, “How did this all come about?” and “How do we overcome it?”

The Obama Administration and NATO are really bluffing — a bluff that carries the threat of human extinction, but a bluff nonetheless. The trans-Atlantic economies are bankrupt, have lost all productivity potential, building up to another collapse. Obama’s U.S. economy is at its end without a complete reconstruction. And the Asian powers’ “New Silk Road” and related outreach of new infrastructure and space exploration, are the only potential source of that complete reconstruction.

NATO is deploying only the “arrogance of the appearance of power.” Economic bankruptcy is making Obama see Eurasian development as a threat justifying war — and making his threatened global war a bluff.

This tragic situation can be upended, Zepp-LaRouche told today’s seminar, by non-linear actions. The mobilization to force out the truth about the Saudis and British in the 9/11 attacks on America is now in high gear; if it succeeds soon, it could cause a real “catharsis,” she said, and repudiation of the whole policy of perpetual war which sprang — by lies — from 9/11. And the more American citizens and residents who get active in forcing through this victory, the better the chance of remaking the real American republic.

The petition — “The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War; It’s Time to Leave NATO Now!” — is also spreading rapidly, circulating in yet another country today, Hungary.

Don’t fear that Russia’s leadership would start world war, but it will finish it. Our mission is to upend Obama’s and NATO’s war drive with a new paradigm, and that can be done.

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