Anglo-Saudi War and Terror Machine Stands Exposed in Florida—Go for Targets & Bring It Down

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter with Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, Pentagon, May 13, 2015 Photo: News Photos archive



Today, a resolution was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives, to mandate that Congress de-classify the 28 pages of the 2002 Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, and publish them in the Congressional Record—without interference from the Obama Administration. The new House Resolution 779 is sponsored by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), originator of an earlier resolution (now with 70 co-sponsors)—calling for the Executive Branch to de-classify the 28 pages.

The new resolution states that, “Senator Graham has described this 28-page chapter as a ‘smoking gun’ that implicates Saudi Arabia in financing Saudi nationals complicit in the 9/11 international terrorist murders while residing in San Diego…” and much more on the Saudi involvement, and the cover-up by the Bush and Obama Administrations. It states that, “The declassification and disclosure of this 28-page chapter might prompt Congress to alter the foreign policy of the United States toward Saudi Arabia…”

This Congressional initiative is the latest hit against the Anglo-Saudi war and terror machine, under whose aegis the Florida mass shooting was perpetrated last weekend. And for whom, Obama, FBI Director James Comey, and CIA Director John Brennan are lying their heads off.

The provenance of the Anglo-Saudi evil alignment is documented in a newly-released LaRouchePAC statement, “You Have the Keys To Stop the Terror Wave: Use Them!” It provides essential history, going back to the 1985 “Al Yamamah” (The Dove) filthy deal struck between the kingdoms of Britain and Saudi Arabia, to exchange oil for arms sales, and create a huge fund for dirty operations.

The deadly Orlando incident is just such an affair. Look behind all the “chatter.” The shooter, with an unstable identity to begin with, was run through the British security firm G4S, two stays in Saudi Arabia, works in California and Florida (states where the 9/11 operatives were pre-staged), and all the while is protected by the FBI. The facade of credibility is gone.

Lyndon LaRouche spoke out on this today, calling on people to “take targets” and act fast. Use everything we have against this, and bring it down. He said of the Florida atrocity, that it was “a highly staged operation, not convincing at all.” They tried “to pull something off that didn’t work.” Their operation is collapsing.

Obama officials are exposing their own involvement by their very own words. Obama said Monday, that the Orlando massacre was from “domestic terrorism,” stemming from easy-access weapons, and vulnerability of weak persons to radicalization in cyberspace. FBI Director James Comey then lied in tandem. Last weekend, CIA Director John Brennan proclaimed that the 28 pages are passe, and Saudi Arabia has done no wrong.

LaRouche summed up this fraud: “The guiltiness—the guilt of the government—is shown in their own opinions.” In fact, the impact of people seeing this, is itself a new shock wave. The first shock came from the mass murders. Now, a second shock comes from the blatancy of the Obama lies.

Saudi royalty itself is frantically running around the U.S. this week. Look at the itinerary of visiting Dep. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Last night, he dined with Sec. of State John Kerry. Today, he meets with National Intelligence Director James Clapper and CIA Chief Brennan. Tomorrow on Capitol Hill, with House leaders Paul Ryan (R) and Nancy Pelosi (D); Friday, at the Norfolk Naval Base, with Defense Sec. Ash Carter; thence to Manhattan, to Wall Street and to U.N. Sec. Gen Ban Ki-Moon; and finally off to Silicon Valley. Where is Obama? Ducking. The White House today refused to confirm whether there is a meeting with the prince.

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