Friday Webcast, June 17, 2016 – How Long Before the Blowout?



“How long will it take before the whole thing blows?! That’s the question.” This was Mr. LaRouche’s response to the developments surrounding the upcoming U.K referendum vote for leaving the European Union (the so-called “Brexit”). Tonight’s webcast will present Mr. LaRouche’s up to the hour assessment of the rapidly-developing world situation. The panic—and murder—surrounding the Brexit vote is simply a part of the on-going breakdown of the trans-Atlantic financial, economic, and political system. Mr. LaRouche called out the reality of the situation: the United States—under Obama—and the U.K. are the least stable points in this process, if you stick to Obama you will lose; if you stick to this financial system, you will lose; only a complete rejection of all the fake value in this speculative system, and a return to a Hamiltonian conception of physical value can work. LaRouche PAC’s Matthew Ogden, Jason Ross, Dave Christie, and Megan Beets are joined by EIR’s Jeffrey Steinberg to deliver tonight’s webcast.

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