US Conference of Mayors Denounces Obama’s Nuclear War Provocations

President Barack Obama delivers his first major speech stating a commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons in front of thousands in Prague, Czech Republic, April 5, 2009.



The US Conference of Mayors, in its annual meeting from June 24-27 in Indianapolis, issued a scathing attack on the Obama Administration, directly targeting the massive NATO exercises now taking place on Russia’s border, Obama’s $1 trillion modernization of nuclear weapons, his failure to take significant action to reduce nuclear weapons, his belligerent policy toward Russia and China, and his disregard for the drastic collapse within the US of basic infrastructure and the general welfare of the people. It is of note that not one major US newspaper even reported this action.

The Mayors Conference took place at the same time as an historic Schiller Institute Conference in Berlin, in which Helga Zepp-LaRouche began her keynote speech saying that

we are experiencing an absolutely unprecedented, systemic and existential crisis of civilization. We have the coincidence of a war danger, where NATO is confronting Russia in a very, very aggressive fashion — which could lead to a Third World War. We have a U.S. confrontation against China in the South China Sea. We have the danger of a new 2008 type of financial crisis, which could blow up the financial system.

The Mayors’ Resolution, while offering feint praise for Obama’s visit to Hiroshima and his conclusion of a deal with Iran, then states:

At the same time, the Obama Administration has reduced the U.S. nuclear stockpile less than any post-Cold War presidency and has laid the groundwork for the United States to spend one trillion dollars over the next three decades to maintain and modernize its nuclear bombs and warheads, production facilities, delivery systems, and command and control, and the other nuclear-armed states are following suit…. The nuclear-armed countries are edging ever closer to direct military confrontation in conflict zones around the world, and the largest NATO war games in decades, involving 14,000 U.S. troops, and activation of U.S. missile defenses in Eastern Europe are fueling growing tensions between nuclear-armed giants, and according to former Defense Secretary William Perry: `The probability of a nuclear calamity is higher today, I believe, that it was during the cold war.’

It directly contrasts this danger and vast waste of resources to the collapsing US economy:

Deteriorating infrastructure is endangering public safety and quality of life, and the growing disparity in wealth is forcing people to leave America’s cities, and federal funds are desperately needed in our communities to build affordable housing, create jobs with livable wages, improve public transit, and develop sustainable energy sources.” It calls for redirecting the funds being spent on the nuclear buildup to “address the urgent needs of cities and rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

The Resolution does not make the demand (which should have been obvious) that this President must be immediately removed for the crime described — i.e., creating an imminent existential threat to humanity through thermonuclear war. Rather, it merely calls for “the next President” to take action. Nonetheless, it demands that “as an urgent matter, new diplomatic initiatives [be taken] to lower tensions with Russia and China.”

What is lacking, of course, is the solution, and therein lies the crucial difference between the Mayor’s Conference and that of the Schiller Institute in Berlin. Zepp-LaRouche told the audience in Berlin:

This conference has one topic, or one subsuming topic, and that is to define solutions to these crises: to discuss what would be the new paradigm, and is mankind capable of solving such an existential crisis? We have distinguished speakers from four continents, from many countries, and obviously these are the people, or they are representative of the kinds of people, who are determined that a solution is to be found.

Indeed, nearly every speaker addressed the urgency of implementing the solutions long associated with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche — the reorganization of the bankrupt western financial system through Glass-Steagall legislation in the US and Europe, and the extension of China’s New Silk Road initiative to the entire world, ending geopolitics in favor of development projects meeting the common aims of mankind.

The courage of the US Conference of Mayors, a non-partisan institution representing all the cities in the US with over 30,000 in population, in identifying the onrushing threat of global thermonuclear war, places an even greater responsibility on each American — to mobilize these mayors, and their constituents, to implement LaRouche’s program, before Obama can push the button.

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