The One, Unique Link in the Chain

First Secretary of the Tresury Alexander Hamilton in front of the U. S. Treasury Building in Washington, DC. Photo: Karen Nutini


Forty-eight hours ago, we changed everything in our entire approach globally,—but many of you missed it. Think! Remind yourself that it’s no use complaining about the immediate danger of a panic-collapse of the world economic system into deadly chaos. And mere warnings against a war of thermonuclear annihilation will not prevent it from happening anyway—any more than mere warnings ever prevented war in the past!

What Lyndon LaRouche has just done is to point to the one, unique link in the chain, which, if you grab ahold of THAT, and pull THAT, you may just then barely be able to pull Europe back from the precipice,— and, at the last possible moment, turn aside the mindless, automaton-like march of history over the abyss.

Put that off to think it over tomorrow, and you’re done for! There will be no tomorrow,— for you or anyone.

All these considerations are laid out Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s statement of July 12, “Deutsche Bank Must be Rescued, for the Sake of World Peace.” But many have not taken that statement to heart, and undertaken the immediate turnabout which is required.

Zepp-LaRouche’s statement must be studied and re-studied in detail. But to recap some points for our purposes here: France, Italy, and the other European states are wholly bankrupt; Europe is heading for a blowout within days, which under present circumstances will lead to war. Germany’s derivatives-laden Deutsche Bank may likely be the trigger-point for that European-wide blowout. But, paradoxically, it is precisely Germany which still has the potential economic productivity which could lead Europe back towards safety. And Deutsche Bank, if it were saved from collapse and immediately turned back towards the policies of Alfred Herrhausen, would be the lead agency in organizing such a German upsurge.

Lyndon LaRouche called for a government augmentation of Deutsche Bank’s capital base, accompanied by an immediate reversal of its policies back to the Hamiltonian policies of Herrhausen. Simultaneously, a management committee must be appointed to sift through and reorganize the bank’s assets.

During the past two days, many of our friends have exploded in rage at this life-saving proposal of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, sputtering that the big banks are our enemies, and that we oppose bailouts. But as Diane Sare of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee pointed out yesterday, it’s really easy to recite a list of correct “positions.” But what does that get you, other than a passport to Trotskyite Heaven? Far harder to understand and to seize the one last chance offered by history, as we must do now.

Those who murdered Herrhausen created an ongoing atrocity which has never ended to this day; those who did it have to be removed, or there is no solution. Sooner or later, something you hadn’t done will come back to hit you.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche will the featured guest on LPAC’s Friday webcast this week. Subscribe to the LaRouchePAC Live Youtube Channel for notifications of our live events.

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