Democrat Party, Like GOP, Is Disintegrating

The US system of political parties is disintegrating. Lyndon LaRouche has identified what he calls the “potty system” as being at the root of the dumbing down of the American population, forcing people to choose between two evil forces, both controlled by Wall Street. Now, after the romp by the British/FBI asset Donald Trump over the shattered Republican Party, the Democrat Party is following suit. Tens of thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters flooded into Philadelphia, trying to somehow turn the tide against Wall Street’s darling Hillary Clinton, only to see their phony hero call for unity behind Hillary. At a pre-convention meeting with his supporters, Sanders was met with heckling and booing, followed by a march to the convention with chants such as: “Donald Trump is a racist bore, Hillary is a corporate whore.”

On Monday Bernie’s army was breathing fire, yelling “Goldman Sachs” and “We trusted you” when Sanders, as well as Elizabeth Warren, called for unity behind Hillary. But by Tuesday afternoon, although Sanders supporters disrupted several state caucus breakfast meetings, observers said that the convention was like a morgue, both inside and out.

The hysterical effort by Hillary’s campaign to blame the leak of Democratic Party emails (which led to the resignation of Party chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz for sabotaging the Sanders campaign) on Vladimir Putin, is backfiring, due to its incredible stupidity. Foreign Minister Lavrov, asked about the charge, said he didn’t want to use four-letter words, and cartoons appearing everywhere are mocking the effort to call anyone not committed to the nuclear destruction of Russia (and the world) as “Putin’s useful fool.”

What will replace the broken parties? This must be determined by Americans mobilized around LaRouche, to create the required new institutions and policies which allow the restoration of the Hamiltonian American System, and to bring the nation into cooperation with Russia and China for global development and peace.

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