Western Society in Collapse—New Paradigm, or New Dark Age

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov July 26, 2016, before a bilateral conversation on the sidelines of ASEAN. Photo: U.S. State Dept.



Bloody mass killings now fill the headlines on a daily basis in every part of the “advanced sector” nations:

* A crazed former employee of a Japanese mental facility attacked the facility and slit the throats of 19 patients and seriously injured 26 more, after writing a letter to the parliament explaining what he intended to do, as an act of “beneficial” euthanasia;

* Two terrorists attacked a church in France, slitting the throats of the priest and a nun, before being killed by police. IS took credit for the attack, feeding the anti-Muslim frenzy in the press.

* Two suicide bombers from al-Shabaab exploded their vehicles at a UN peacekeeping base in the capital of Somalia, killing 12;

* Two teens were killed and 16 others wounded in Ft. Myers Florida, when three other teens opened fire at a crowd outside a nightclub;

* And in Germany, the fifth killing in a week, as a man killed his doctor and himself in a hospital.

This is just today’s toll. These are not all terrorist assaults, as some are by people driven mad by their hopeless state in society, or by the violent culture, or by the psychosis-inducing video games and popular “entertainment,” or by drugs, or by all of these.

It is a symptom of a dying culture. While millions are driven from their homes in Southwest Asia by Obama’s policy of perpetual “regime change” wars, and as the media in the West hypes Obama’s lie that Russia and China are “aggressors” run by dictators who must be confronted militarily, the population is told to join in the Roman Circus of the political conventions, and unite behind leaders who offer only more economic destruction and global warfare.

But the brainwashing is falling apart. Both political party conventions have been fiascoes, producing candidates hated by the majority of the population, and leaving their party structures in disarray. The only thing left standing is the demand for Glass-Steagall, which is recognized in Congress and internationally as the result of Lyndon LaRouche’s unrelenting campaign over the past decades to educate and mobilize the population and the political institutions, that only a return to Franklin Roosevelt’s war on Wall Street can reverse the ongoing collapse of the western economies.

Roosevelt’s famous statement that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is the operative principle in mobilizing the population to end the madness — together with LaRouche’s warning against any kind of pragmatism. No partial measures are possible in a world facing thermonuclear war. The leaders of the United Kingdom and the United States have been shown by their own governments to be war criminals, through the release of the Chilcot Report in England and the 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Investigation on 9/11 in the US. Blair, Bush and Obama have been shown to be guilty of launching illegal wars of aggression, and of collaboration with (or control over) terrorists to prosecute those wars. And yet they remain out of jail, and Obama still sits in the White House with his finger on the trigger.

The Obama drive for war on Russia and China is also in danger. Putin and Lavrov have pulled Turkey out of the mobilization for war on Syria and Russia, while China has pulled the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) out of the mobilization for war on China. The world is turning to Russia and China for leadership and development, rather than the West’s austerity and war. Even the European nations are beginning to see the insanity of the drive for war on Russia, and the benefits of peace and development through cooperation.

The New Paradigm posed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, based on the common aims of mankind, is within our grasp, if the citizens of the West have the courage to follow the Schiller Institute’s lead for a “New Silk Road” development of the entire world, and to follow the wise words of Friedrich Schiller that we must be both patriots of our nations and citizens of the world.

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